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How do you feel if you have too much fat? I feel yucky!

Just wondering what symptoms you get if you eat too much fat with Xenical apart from the trips to the toilet/accidents?

I'm not sure if I've had too much caffeine today or had too much fat but I've felt nauseous, clammy and had a a few palpitations. I have been to the loo...multiple times...but no oily stuff, just a bit 'loose'. I started feeling yucky over 2 hours ago. Only just starting to feel a bit better. I had a lie down and a doze and have been knocking back a couple of glasses of cool water.

D'you think it was the amount of fat I've eaten? I can't put my finger on where I went wrong with my grams of fat other than I had a mocha drink around 2pm today and I had two Time Outs bars a few days ago when I didn't realise you shoul have items that are less then 5% fat as well as being under 15g of fat. Maybe it was that and not today's mocha....

It'd be interesting to hear how you feel when you've had too much fat on Xenical.

I'm scared to take any more tablets because I felt so lousy I couldn't bring myself to get off the bed and make the family's dinner :(
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Violet is shrinking
I'm glad you fully understand the rules hun, I did think it was odd that you were eating the time out bars lol!

With too much fat, you get the stomach cramps and real belly aching with the obvious not so nice poo. Having too much fat wouldn't really effect you in the other ways, and Xenical doesn't enter the bloodstream..

It could be that you had a funny bug or, you were feeling a little off and you sort of worked yourself up and got worried which brought on the palpitations..this is easily done, and you don't really know that you're working yourself up, you blame something else and feel worse, bit of a vicious circle :(

I now have decaff teab bags and I don't drink fizzy drinks unless they're decaff, this has stopped all of my palpitations! I noticed I was getting them in the evenings when I was just about to eat, I never noticed them in the day, which was strange, but I think I had a racing heart one evening when I was eating dinner and I think it triggered something so that every time I ate my dinner I'd get this... I quit the caffeine and it went away, I think I was subconciously working myself up :(

Please make sure you drink plenty of water and re start when you're feeling better. I don't think it would be a good idea to start taking Xenical again until you're completely relaxed with taking it, and you understand that you're perfectly healthy etc
side effects are mainly loose stools , some can be too loose :( , cramps , wind , sometimes constipation.. its funny how it all changes from one the other extreme , dry skin or oily skin depends on the person.. BUT saying this if you follow the rules of xenical then you will be fine.. just the first weeks are a bit of a trial and error.
thanks for your replies girls. I'm pretty sure it was caffeine that made me feel so bad. I went over my fat allowance the last two days and have the side effects you mentioned Pink punk star (I remember you from last year, you were doing well then, and so see you are still doing so well, what an inspiration!:happy096:). Violet, I can't remember reading your posts last year (I didn't visit the forum often) but you are doing really well too, and always reply to posts:clap:. Soo focused! I must try harder!
Glad it wasn't Xenical's doing as I really want to shift a stone by the end of October so my sides don't rub against the airplane seat when we go away :)
I find when i have too much fat in my diet i get shocking wind and by god i will not "release wind" unless in on the toilet :eek: which sounds 10times as bad due to the bathroom being all tiled so any noise echos right round and the handle fell off the door so it now wont close mmmmmm only so many times i can blame it on baby lol xx
From reading your post does it mean every meal you have has to have less then 5% fat and less then 15g fat aswel? Or is that just snacks ?
5g of fat per 100g of each item and around 15g of fat in total per meal :) hope this helps..

Also thanks im doing very well.. almost like a dream. just trying my best to give things back to people now. x

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