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How do you keep motivated?


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After a month on any diet I start to go crazy for junk food. Living in a house with students doesn't help when they're all eating it! I would just like to know what techniques some of you use to keep motivated? Right now the thought of chocolate seems so much better than sticking to a diet and it seems to be alllll that occupies my thoughts!! Another thing, obviously you can't just get to goal and suddenly stop the new eating habits...how do you prepare yourself for the fact that this is how you must eat forever? Because to be honest...it scares me that I may never get to pig out again!
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What keeps me motivated? Noticing my clothes are becoming looser and looser. What do you want more? chocolate of the feeling of being slim and knowing you were strong and determined enough not only to try but reach your goal?


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Knowing that not sticking to it this time means I am an adult with no control. I really want to know I am doing the best thing for my body.

The looser clothes and clothes that could not fit, fitting.

The thought of finally having an 'after' pic

Compliments and achievement.

Not just being slim, getting fitter and healthier too.

And knowing I can be an inspiration for my kids and not a source for them to be laughed at.


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the fact that i feel better on this WOE, the fact that i can go to my wardrobe and just get out something to wear, the fact that if i need a pig out i can, just on the right stuff, the fact that it just works!


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Don't forget the fact you can look at yourself naked in the mirror and say WOW!!!!!


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Great thread, I am at the beginning of my journey, just 10 days in and am beginning to be hit by the cravings for sweet stuff etc.

My main motivation is that I feel I must do the best I can to get myself as healthy as possible and if I drift off track (which I normally do) then I have no-one to blame but myself.

When I am at goal I will have days when I have treats - but i will never go back to just eating what i want when I want it with no element of control.

I don;t want to have to do this again. This is it. Once and for all.


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losing weight kept me motivated


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If I'm having struggle days I stick on some music. I make a playlist of my motivational songs and try to just get through. At night a big bubble bath and a pampering session can really help lift you back into the swing of things. None of us are perfect, we will all struggle at times and we'll probably all have our slip ups now and then but the important thing is to always, always get back to it and keep control! Atkins is a great diet but it's not a miracle cure for our bad habits and old comfort eating ways. We have to work on our mind set while we let the diet take care of our weight.

The comfort you feel in pigging out is not real, don't be afraid of letting it go.


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My future! If I don't lose weight.. Its very unlikely I will have children!
That's the biggest motivator in the world for me right now!

Thing is, in the future you can, and most likely will have a pig out! I don't think anyone is 100% angelic, its how you deal with it afterwards that determines whether you succeed or fail!

Good luck to you :) xx
the biggest motivator is being able to see my jaw line again! lol and its so nice to put on clothes that dont cut you in half! also cant wait to get to target when I MUST have to buy myself a new wardrobe and my husband to be wont even moan because I will need new clothes!! ace! it is hard and i am the biggest binger around but once the weight starts coming off you start weighing up the pros and cons of a splurdge and realise that undoing all your hardwork is just not worth it!!
good luck!!!


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Big motivation for me: pickin' up chicks :p


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For me.. right now.. it's the feeling when I wake up in the morning and know I've completed a full day sticking to the rules. It feels TREMENDOUS and I can cross off another day towards looking and feeling so much better. I felt so awful those mornings when I'd wake up and realise I'd buggered it all up for the sake of a bowl of cereal or a chocolate bar the night before... hated starting again from scratch.. I can't do that to myself anymore.. That's my motivation. No chocolate bar is worth feeling like that again.


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S: 15st0lb C: 13st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 1st1lb(7.14%)
Haha I was only kidding; but yes one thing that motivates me is that having had fairly low confidence with the opposite sex due to me thinking I look awful...now is changing, I am more sociable, talkative, wear good clothes and am going on dates. believe it or not, it's not only women that want to know they are attractive.

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