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How do you know and what do you do................

S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
HOw do you know if you are depressed? and what do you do about it if you are??
As far as I am aware I have never been depressed before, but I am seriously wondering if I am now.:cry:

I am CONSTANTLY snapping, nagging and shouting at the boys, which I feel really bad about and sometimes feel such a bad mother and even when I try and talk about it, it makes me really upset. I look after children quite happily as my job, but when it comes to my own boys I feel I am crap! and I just dont have the patience for them that I know I should and I am constantly finding faults in their behaviour..which is awfull
I also feel that I ..'push' is a harsh word, but quite often keep vic at a distance. Its hard when he works nights, but thats part and parcel of our life, but sometimes if he comes up to me during the day time and I 'make' myself too busy for kisses etc(and I am not even talking about sex..just a bit of intimacy) I have seemd to have built up a force field around me!
Am i just going through a mid life crisis...or do you think I am slightly depressed..or am I trying to see something thats not really there?

To others I prob seem jolly, happy etc but this half term has really brought it home.....I have found the boys hard and they dont take any notice of me! What am I doing wrong!!??
I nannied for 13yrs and children were my vocation...not just my job, but now I feel my own kids are suffering and getting the worst from me.........HELP!!!

Do I need to visit the men in the white coats!!!????
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Why not go and speak to your GP? Depression has many different symptoms for different people... Hope you get better soon


MUST get a grip
Sorry you feel like pants - if you'd rather pm feel free, I am currently on anti-D's for depression.
There are various forms of this illness and from what you have described it shounds more like stress than depression.
However depression affects different people in different ways, which is why diet and exercise are recommended initially. However, by the time majority of people visit the Dr/GP depression has set in and no amount of dieting or exercise will help!
I felt like my whole world was empty, I could do nothing right, everything in my life went or was going wrong & I had no control over any of it. I have a stressful job, my marriage had broken down all within weeks...
In the end all I wanted to do was stay at home, I wouldnt go out, socialise, even the supermarket trip was replaced with short visits to the Tesco Express cos I couldnt handle it.
I shut myself away from friends and family and spent all my time just with me and kids! I felt like I never wanted to get up and that my whole life was shrounded in a dark dark cloud!
Fortunately, I sought help and I am pleased to say that since taking my anti-D's I feel fabulous, life is worth living again and I feel that I deserve to be happy again....
So that is my handle on depression - there maybe others that offer you their slant on it, as I said no two peeps are the same hun...
Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Thanks guys!

Clare, its not my life I cant cope with its ..well just me I feel crap about. This could be because I keep being unsuccessfull with CD, and knowing that I can do it..I guess makes me more frustrated when I keep shoving crap in my mouth!
Kids I guess are just of that age where they are finding their feet and are testing me..and what with Vic not being around a huge amount except on the weekends doesnt help!
Also I got totm today!!!!!!!!
Oh and to top it all someone has eaten a banana and has left the skin in the bin in the living room that is right next to me.......I hate bananas and the smell is discusting!!!!!!!!(guess I could empty the bin!!:rolleyes:)

Seriously I guess its just me feeling down....and inadequate. Vic is always telling me I am a great childminder a great mother and I have a wonderful body....why is it I cant see all the good things in me that he sees????

I am very glad that you have 'come out the other side' honey.....you do deserve to be happy and you will look even more wonderful in a few weeks.............. just think what the Ex is missing out on babe!!!

thanks for listening to my waffling...I dont have anything to moan or worry about really..I guess it just all comes to a head at times!!

Hugs Lou XX


MUST get a grip
Sounds like you are peed with yourself and that other things are adding to the pressure..... I've felt like it myself, specially regards dieting as thats something really personal and about you.... I truly believe that there is a time to CD and only when you're head is in it can you do it... I also believe that constantly setting yourself up ofr failing just makes you feel worse and worse about yourself and does not help.
If this is happening, take a few days or weeks out and follow as low carb/low GI diet as you can before re-attempting, things may feel different in a few days.
But to do this diet your head has to be in a single-minded place, as I said to you earlier in the week, failing is not an option for me, I've got my head down and my eyes firmly focussed on the end and I will not stop til I get there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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