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How do you know the pills are working

If you eat something with a high fat content, then your bottom will erupt and a horrible oily substance will be discharged - sorry if TMI but you did ask x x
Nope! If you are sticking to low fat foods then they are working too! I use them just as a tool to stop the voice in my head telling me to eat bad stuff!! xx
Other than the above not happening, the only other way is the weight loss at the end of the week. Just keep taking them and believing in them hun and they will do their work for you x x x
If your sticking to the 5g fat rule then the pills are actually doing nothing , they are there if you decide to go over that and will only do it once or twice until you get side effects.
I think it is alot to do with knowing what will happen if you do over intake fat that helps people not to do it.


Go on smile! =)
Some other side effect can be constipation or bloatedness.
agree wi red i started last week n have felt bloated the past few days but have been taking 1 senakot at night just as a prevenative and having activia yohgurt in the morning i think its helping.
It's not strictly true that if you eat less than 5% fat, the tablets don't do anything.

If you take the tablets as normal (at each mealtime) they will always get rid of a third of the fat in that meal, regardless of whether it's a low fat or a high fat meal.
For exmple, if you eat a meal with 9g of fat (well within the 15g per meal rule), the tablet will make 3g of that fat pass straight through your body via your stools (but you probably won't know about it because the amount is so small).

You only encounter problems when you eat foods with high fat contents, because the quantity of fat being passed out in your stools is more.
For example, if you ate a meal with 60g of fat in it, 20g of it would go straight through your body, and you would definitely know about it!!! :eek: :eek:

When you take these tablets as prescribed, and stick to the 5g per 100g of food rule (and no more than 15g per meal), you probably won't see anything happening, other than maybe a bit of bloatedness or constipation (as Red described), but you will notice the difference on the scales - partly because the tablets are getting rid of some of the fat you're eating, but partly because you'll eat more heathily because of the threat of the tango effect if you don't!!!!
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:D:D Glad I could help :D:D

I was really lucky to have a great doctor, and a nurse at the doctors surgery who explained everything really well for me.
It's a shame not everybody gets the same support, but at least we call all help each other :)
My doctor is only a trainee and she had to look at everything in a book. She also said she would give me a couple of months supply but only got a month she did not even mention seeing the nurse for weight ins or nothing, the only good thing is i'm getting the pills. It is good to have support on this place everybody is really encouraging.

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