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How do you like to spend your Syns?


In it to lose it
I have discovered Dime bars are only 7 1/2 syns so that will be my after weigh in treat.

Also I buy the small bottles of wine from Asda. They are 4 for a fiver. Means I'm not tempted to finish a whole bottle.

I also sometimes use them for extra cheese if I've used all my healthy extras.

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Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Hehe. Normally a bag of malteasers for me.

Either choc or gravy / mayo etc x


I ate my willpower!
I spend mine on extra light mayo, BBQ spread and bake, curry paste, that sort of thing. I don't bother with chocolate. Not sure why though :thinking2:
I use most of my syns on things like sugar, honey, maple syrup etc because I'm allergic to granular sweeteners. I also use my syns on olive oil, breadcrumbs, ketchup, jam etc. Ocassionally I'll use them for a sweet treat after dinner like a square of chocolate or a ferrero rocher. Mmmmmm!!! Or if I'm feeling really indulgent I'll have a french chocolate (Suchard le rocher au lait) for a whopping 10 syns!! They're decadent though!


On a journey !
:devilangel:Wine wine wine and more wine and oh, not forgetting wine!! However, I only stick to sin amounts and don't have any sine in the week and only the minimal sins!! I'm a good girl xx:party0036:


Over half way to target
Mine all go mainly on wine as well - I have a small glass every night during the week then on Fridays, Sat and Sundays I have 2, maybe 3.
Rest of syns go on curry paste, stock (hate bovril), gravy etc. No chocs or crisps for me.


In it to lose it
I think I'm going to put 6 very luxurious chocs on my xmas list. Maybe something like Thorntons. That way I can (hopefully) eat them slowly and enjoy the moment. I think I need to up the amount of Syns I have so I can reduce them later when weight loss slows:)



Silver Member
Mine used to be for wine, now I am getting a bit 'lost' and using them to eat crisps and the odd chocolate biscuit and I am probably not wanting the crisps so thanks for bringing me back in line going to use them again for wine as I was doing okay on the plan then.
I don't tend to use all mine... only end up using about 6-8 in a day and that's rare.. i've only had 3 today..
I don't feel like i'm depriving myself or anything, it's just not what i fancy, but it's good to know i've got the option there if i need it :) xxx


is gonna shine in 2009
with being new i'm struggling with what to spend syns on ( this diet seems way harder but better then others if that makes sense lol )

Today i've not had any syns so will be watching out for syn ideas

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