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How do you like your Weetabix?


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I've decided to go back to having Weetabix for breakfast, as I just can't control my portion sizes!! I always intend on having 28g of cereal but I get too greedy and end up having about 3 times as much and just ignore that fact! :eek:

So I need some ideas about how to eat Weetabix. I normally have it on it's own with sweetner on top and milk, or sometimes with sliced banana on top too, but don't really have any other ideas.....can anyone help??
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I have actually just finished a bow of weetabix which i have been eating every day for a week now to like you try and stick to a set amount.
I put 200ml of warm milk on 2 biscuits and miix to make like a thin porridgey texture then just enjoy.
Im too scared to put any toppings on as i think it could quickly build up calories and then i might as well just have had the big bowl of cereal instead.

How long do you keep 'full' for after you have eaten it? I can just about get to lunch but start to get a rumble at about 11.30.



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I pour hot milk over mine and a bit of sweetener mmmmm lovely. :D


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Mornings are my worst time of day - I'm always absolutely starving by lunchtime! When I'm at work through the week I usually have a banana mid morning but am still always starving by 12:00! Afternoons are fine, I can easily last until I have my evening meal at around 7pm, with a few snacks inbetween - fruit and muller light! I do find weetabix to be more filling than other cereal, it feels like I'm eating more than when I have my 28g of something else! I get a bit bored of it though, which is why I'm looking for alternative combinations!

Mrs V

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I tend to have mine more like a porridge than a weetabix (due to my band). I add more boiled water than milk with sweetner and have strawberries and banana on top...delicious!

Have you tried 28g of Puffed wheat? If you have it with sweetner its just like sugar puffs and its so large that I end up having mine in a casserole dish!!! You should have an Oat Scan bran as the other part of the HeB, but if you dont like them dont have it.


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Mmmmm, topped with berries and cold milk for a summer brekkie, and just with hot milk in winter!

And remember, your berries are superspeed foods!


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Sometimes i for go the milk and crumble them and mix with a yoghurt and some chopped fresh fruit instead mmmmmmmmmm


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before SW especially in the winter, i used to put just a small amount of milk on them, just enough to cover the tops of them so they were wet all over and then a tsp of sugar and put them in the microwave for minute and a half and they are absolutely gorgeous but a bit hot and stodgy for this weather :rolleyes:

now, i have them with nearly my whole semi skimmed milk allowance on, chopped banana and chopped nectarine or strawberries on top :) yummy and really filling xx


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I love my weetabix in a morning with milk, blueberries, strawberries, sliced banana and sweetener, and that seems to keep me full until lunchtime.

My OH's mum is a seasoned SWer, and she crumbles in one or two scanbran with weetabix, warm milk and sweetener to make a kind of porridge - I do EE whereas she does Red/Green days, so I'm not quite sure how it works, but I think the idea is that it's more filling and she can use the scanbran as either a second B choice, or syn it for ridiculously low amounts if she fancies another Hex B later.
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i have never had them, i like porridge so will i like them?

Mrs V

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I like it as a porridge Hun...just remember the sweetner!

Another one I forgot about is to make them into cakes!
2 weetabix crushed, 1 egg, 1 lvl tbsp Mince meat (the cake one!) and sweetner to taste.
Mix into a cake type mixture, put in cases and bake for 10-15 ins in oven at around 180.
Reminds me of bread pudding!


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I have mine microwaved too, same as emma-louise! Best way to eat weetabix imo :) even if it is Summer!


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Thanks for all the ideas! I will definately try crushing it up and topping with yoghurt and fruit, sounds yummy!


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I'm a ice cold mik and banana sliced on top of my weetabix, I've started having it for breakfast most days now, luv it


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I have mine warm. I put my 2 weetabix in a bowl along with a small amount of mile from my allowance, I then cover them with water and microwave for 2 mins. I then stir in some sweetner. Really filling no matter what the weather.


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S: 16st10lb C: 16st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.14%)
This morning I had them crumbled up with a banana and custard muller light and some chopped banana - OMG it was delicious! And really filling! I will definatley be eating it like that more often - thanks so much for the ideas!!


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I put a layer of sliced banana at the bottom of the bowl, then the weetabix, then some warm milk and a tsp of sweetener..YUM!


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I also have mine with hot milk. I also add some chopped fruit (either strawberries or banana or blueberries) with a teaspoon of sugar. I have this almost every morning. Yum!

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