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How do you manage the social aspect of dieting?


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This diet is a lot more radical than any I've tried so far. Eating is a very big part of my social life - in fact since having a baby it is the only part of my social life. Out for lunch or dinner several times a week.

How do you manage not eating? Do people comment on it? How do you feel when you are having a shake and the others have a large plate of lovely smelling food?

I have a first birthday party coming up and I'm worried that my family will comment on the fact that I'm not eating anything. I don't want to tell them I'm doing this diet for fear of negative comments. In fact I'm not telling them I'm dieting at all!

Also got a girls night out at the end of May, not sure how I'll manage that one, but at least I'll save money as I won't need a taxi home :)
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I think in those situations you may need to say something about the diet......and to answer your question, it's hard but it depends how focused you are!! I've been in several situations where there have been get-togethers with food....I won't say it was easy because it wasn't! In other posts I have said how when I started this diet I told everyone and anyone....I work as a chef/deli manager and am surrounded by food every day, so the fact that all my work colleagues knew helped me as if I picked at anything it would be noticed. Going back to the social aspect, at the pub (yep i still go occasionally!) I drink sparkling water with lots and lots of ice, no one seems to comment on that. As for the food, when everyone else is eating I convince myself that my shake/soup/water is doing me good, I've chosen to do this diet and yes it is radical and difficult, but the other diets havn't worked for me. It helps that I do actually love the soups, I add loads of fresh herbs and spices to them. When you have your girlie night at the end of May, you will be able to drink coke zero.......I know CDC's say have diet coke if you REALLY must, but the main thing is you have to ask yourself which you really want.....the food everyone else is eating....or to be lovely and slim? Hope this helps a little bit hun.....and the main thing is TO KEEP COMING ON THESE FORUMS, cos theyre blooming brilliant for keeping you on the straight and narrow....well they do me anyways lol xxxx good luck love xxxx


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Thanks for your reply Suzie. I definitely want to be slim... I am motivated. Can't wait for the weight loss to start. I'll keep my eye on the prize.

I like the idea of putting herbs and spices into the soups - would still feel like proper cooking.

I agree with you, the lift I have felt from reading the success stories, and just looking at the stats of all of you loosing weight and inches is tremendous. Fantastic site - glad I found it :D
You're very very welcome hun....have you had any weigh-ins as yet? I tell you what, you stick to this and have your first weigh in (if you havn't already) you will do so well and be so damned proud of yourself theres no way you will want to spoil it! If you like please feel free to add me as a minimin buddy, and we can support each other as well as on here! I'm a sunshine girl.....please drop in on our thread and join up if you wish xxxxx
I too do ss through parties etc...
some folk will tell you to go off plan and have protein or something low carb but really as you have made the decsion to do this diet, you might as well do it 100% ss if you can...
Alcohol is easy as you can tell friends you are on anti b's although being t toal anyway i have never been asked why i'm not drinking... many people dont now, especially if driving...

As for family gatherings... if its a buffet.... and you dont want to tell anyone.. you can feign a tummy bug.. tell them the doc told you to not eat for 24hrs and just drink water... you could have a shake before you go...
If its a sit down meal, you can either have your soup or shake,, but questions will be asked so it might be tricky if no one knows:)

Good luck though, it can be done as many of us can testify!



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Thanks Tillyfloss :) We are having an afternoon party for the birthday girl and then a BBQ for family later in the evening so the house will be full of people for most of the afternoon/evening. Hubby reckons that most people will be too busy enjoying themselves to notice what I'm having. Hopefully he's right. Might have to sneak away and have my shake and then come back to the party.

I'll feel more comfortable once I've started a few weeks and know more about my routine.

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