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How do you mums do it??


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Honestly...Im finding it so hard at the moment. Cooking for the family and then feeding my 21 month daughter with all kinds of yummy food.
Its wk3 for me. To start off i found it a little difficult and after a few days i got obsessed with cooking and baking and now wk3, i dont wanna deal with food full stop.
At times I feel I could be so much more successful at this diet if I didnt have to cook and see food all day.
How do you guyz cope and deal with it??
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im in the same situation.today is day 1 for me and im worried that i might cheat when i give my 15 month old his dinner.il let you know tonight after he has had his tea.hopefully i wont pinch none lol. im determined not too.


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Fortunately, I managed to get myself in the frame of mind that could separate 'their' food from 'my' food.

I convinced myself that eating 'their' food was not cheating, but stealing. As I've always been a bit obsessed about portion sizes for them all, I could visualize myself taking some of theirs and leaving them hungry....crying...starving, just because Mummy ate some of their food.:D

Weird I know, but it worked and must admit that whole mindset has helped me during maintenance. Even though I eat the same foods as them now, if they are given (or buy) anything extra for themselves, I can easily have it around the house without thought of borrowing any;)

My biggest problem on CD was not being able to taste the food to see if it was seasoned properly.
I have to cook for my husband and 2 grown sons and at the start it was torture :(
Only got past it with sheer willpower, something I would never have said that I possessed. Now it is so much easier and as KD says It's their food not mine.

They are all very supportive of me and even joke that on monday evening mum goes to buy her gruel for the week :p

Annie x


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I don't even as much as lick my fingers, one taste would be too much for me.

But as KD says I'm just trying to separate her food from mine in my head. Unfortunately my hubby's diet has taken a turn for the worst as he's been doing his own cooking the last 3 days :( last night he had frozen piza which was hard to smell cooking. I'll have to start cooking for him again because I feel guilty that he's not getting a good healthy dinner.

It's easy for me to separate 12 month old's food in my head, but not hubby's yet... that's step 2...


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I think I may be a bit strange in that respect because I actually enjoy cooking for my husband and daughter more now than I did before I was on this diet...I dont know if its the smells are enough to satisfy me (and I always have a good wiff...:D) or maybe I just feel good about each time I resist picking!

Cat Bee x
This time around, I made a conscious effort to cook for the family from the start this time, and it has got easier....Apart from the seasoning issue as mentioned by KD.
As for the yummy foods, it can be hard, I have changed all the families meals to healthy vegatarian meals and some of them have really got the taste buds going...all I do though is concentrate on my motivations... and I actualyl get a big buzz now when I don't give in... I don't even lick my fingers either.
As Cat Bee said, I really enjoy feeding my family especially now its a healthy menu... I sort of feel like whilst I am giving my body the best, they too are getting the best...

Keep up the good work and just remember why you are doing this...

I am quite lucky i think, my partner cooks for himself and i do the cooking for the kiddes, however i actually enjoy it. Hwever as i am losing weight it's getting harder for him as a have baked most days and then he eats what he wants..... i think it's time i did his meals again lol x


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Im actually enjoying the cooking for HB and DS! did have to taste DS (6 months) apple puree once when HB was away as I'd left it on the stove and forgotten about it so just had to check it wasn't burnt tasting, it wasn't and I just spat it out after!
You'll amaze yourself how strong your willpower can be and don't know about you but I always used to pick when cooking so I'm learning about previous bad habits!
I'm with cat-bee on this one, I actually quite enjoy the cooking of food for OH & kids, and the smell of it all. I can enjoy those smells without having to 'endure' the calories of eating the food :D. And have been cooking meals with a bit more effort too, spending a little more time on it, OH reckons he is eating better now I am on CD :). I get him to do the tasting BTW, for seasoning and if stuff is cooked yet ;).

Soon2bslimmer x


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I only started on Monday and I was at work that evening and the next and I had to take out food for hotel guests all night so when it came to cooking the kids and hubby's dinner tonight it wasn't too bad as it already felt like I had done the hard bit on my first day of dieting lol. Zoe x


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
You guys are so right. Its all about being in the right state of mind. I think the problem with me was that while cooking i was also tasting for seasoning n stuff...I know, "dumbo". Even though it always was just a taste but still it used to make it real hard having tasted that one bit. Wont be doing it again now. lol.
I also enjoy cokking for my family, and i must admit, they are getting fed very well since ive been on CD. I struggle when it comes to spoon feeding my 22 month old son and he doesnt want any. I start to get a bit fustrated that mummy has cooked this lovely, healthy meal for you to eat and you dont want it! I also find myself repeatedly asking my hubby if his meal is OK, and does it taste good and i go mad if he says is 'alright'. He thinks he is doing me a favour my not mentioning how yummy his meal is, when in fact, that makes me worse.
Overall i cope ok, if i had nobody to cook for, i would be absolutely bored and that would lead to eating for me.

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