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How do you plan on tackling xmas


Just keep slimming....
Personally will stay mainly on plan, as in Christmas dinner will be cooked sw way, but there will def be treats in there in the form of a nice dessert and choccies, but don't want to gain too much x
I have been looking forward to christmas for months now. I have 2 weeks off work, and I am going home to see my family, I can't wait.
SW can get stuffed, I will pick it up after christmas.
Will definitely be off plan for a few days, we went to Sicily at the end of August and both put on a few pounds whilst we were there, and lost it within 2 weeks of getting back. I plan to do the same for christmas. :)


Just doing it this time
I have planned to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Boxing Day and New Years Eve and New Years Day 'off plan' and weighing over the fortnight rather than weekly !

Having said all that I have struggled the last week and now frightened that I'm starting to SLIP already and Christmas is STILL 8 (7?) weeks away. :mad:
I'm planning to stick to it 100%. I'm not a big drinker, so that won't be an issue, and I'll be making some of the sweet treats from the christmas recipe book, and we have a big tin of celebrations, so I'll have a couple every day, and try to stick to plan.

Christmas night and boxing day we 'usually' have a buffet, so I've been making lists of things to make SW style so we can still do that. We won't really be visiting any family, because all of my family are in England, and my husbands family tend to come to us because of us having 3 kids, so I can control what food is available.
I think if you are perfect 95% of the time you will maintain over Xmas - so indulge a little, but remember why you joined SW and what your longterm goals are xxx
I've been wondering about this myself today. I've only just started on SW really, and am still getting to grips with it tbh!
We're going to my out-laws for Christmas, and we've got a restaurant booked for Xmas dinner this year, so I don't have much control over how things are cooked or whatever, plus my OH's mum is one of those that takes it personally if you don't eat *everything* she puts in front of you when you stay there <sigh>

Thankfully, as a vegetarian, I'm sort of assuming that unless the restaurant decides to serve everything in a glut of cheese, or deep fry everything, Christmas dinner itself should be easy enough to stay on plan with lol

I am thinking that I might just have to see how I can do at sticking to plan for the few days we are there - use flexible syns, and not fall apart if I don't manage to stay on track! I can always pick it up again once we're back home!


I will be a Princess!
I'm planning on having Christmas Day off plan, although I never eat Christmas pudding or anything anyway (although I may indulge in my dad's lovely fruit salad with Cointreau ;)). I also don't eat many chocolates or anything over Christmas. The most I'd be likely to eat is the traditional christmas present of a chocolate orange, lol! :)

On boxing day we usually have jacket potatoes with cold meat, salad and pickles, so I think that's reasonably SW-friendly anyway. No doubt the majority of my syns for the festive period will go on New Year's eve! I do like a few drinks I have to say :eek: xx


Plodding on.......
I'm at my parents for Christmas. I'm planning to ask my Mum to do as much stuff as is possible the SW way (as long as it doesn't interfere with everyone else's preferences). Then I'll probably try to avoid stuff that I don't particularly crave. The rest I will try and have in moderation. I'm not going to deny myself but equally I want to be able to have some control because this is the way I have to learn to live so might as well get used to it ! (and I don't want to spoil what I've achieved so far). Hopefully I will feel like I've had what I wanted but still feel good about myself. Fingers crossed !


Never gets tired of SW!
I think I'm going to practice damage limitation!! I've got 13.5lb to go to target which in 8 weeks is extremely doubtful I'll achieve! Whilst this is absolutely fine and I'm happy to carry a few lbs into 2011, I don't really want to end up having loads to get rid of in the New Year! So I'm going to be as good as I can, allow myself 4 reasonably off plan days, but not total pig out days (Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day) and hope for no more than 1-2lb gain! If I can lose 8lb by Christmas I'll be delighted, gain 1 or 2 lb and then have another 7lb to carry into the New Year to get to target I'll be happy enough!X
I shall keep to the SW place except for Christmas day and Boxing day, so hopefully won't do too much damage.
I don't drink so that's not a problem, I shall tell my husband to stop me from getting to the choccies, but I shall have my full fat chrissy pud!!


Less of a man each day
Beans on toast with White bread covered in butter. As this will be my first Christmas alone I'm pushing the boat out!
I'm going to stick to it and will be making Christmas dinner from the Christmas book , shall make the pudding soon. Next year I will have reached target (we I flipping hope so) and will be flying out to Thailand to see my brother who we haven't seen for two years, so that is a huge incentive for staying on track this year.
we are at home this year woohooo so im planning on having flexi syns on xmas day then back to normal after we are not buying any tins of chocolates my hubby has agreed kids will be getting chocolates in there stockings i will make some sort of slimming world cheesecake for desert :)
We are going to my Mum's, so I know everything is going to be cooked in a totally synful way... think goose fat, vegetables in butter, you name it! I was thinking I might go for a Red day, selecting the meat and the healthiest-looking veg from the table. Then I thought I could take along a jelly mousse for a dessert. For the evening, I shall take a salad, so I could have turkey and salad (instead of turkey in white bread sandwiches, with cheese and biscuits and left over stuffing!) That way I can use my syns for a few gin and slims.

It's such a shame that we all think of Christmas, and have to plan how to be good, as it shouldn't be what the day is about! But I just know if I don't plan things a little, and bring along some healthy options, my self-control will disappear. If I were to go a little off-plan, I would just totally over-indulge!

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I'm going to stay on plan as much as possible but allow myself a few treats. We're spending Christmas at home this year so at least I can plan Christmas dinner. For dessert I know the kids will be happy enough with jelly & icecream & hubby is the only one in our house that likes Christmas pud so I can get a small 1 portion one for him so just myself to sort. I'll be having a good search through the dessert threads on here nearer the time :D


Woman on a mission!
I am defo planning to stay on track over xmas. I will allow the odd treat here or there and a glass of wine with the traditional xmas dinner (cooked the SW way!) but really dont want to go off track.
I am not at group for the next 3 weeks (Business trip wk 1 and then on hols for 2 weeks) so going to buy a 12 week countdown when I am back to bring me over the festive period!
I'm afraid i will have to be boring and stick to it 100% - I may go Red or Green just to have the extra HEX's but I don't want any excuse to stop what I've started.

I will be on Diet Coke for works Xmas party, and probably be really picky and careful with the lunch at said do. - Either way I am planning a 10 mile walk the day after, so I will not feel guilty having all that nasty gravy lol.


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