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how do you stop yourself from weighing yourself everyday!?!?!?


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Lock them away hun, once a week is plenty and the surprise will be better of how much youv'e lost. xxx
I never seem to have the time in the mornings to jump on the scales and I know that I would weigh heavier at night, so that puts me off!
I manage to go once a week at home (as doing the plan at home) and thats enough for me....took a very long time for me to avoid them though!
Put them in the loft, on a high shelf or best of all in the bin (or send them to a charity shop is a better option!!!) Anywhere expect within easy reach. It's hard though, I know it all too well.

If you know you have been good, the scales will show it on WI day.
It's so worth it!! :)


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Chuck the scales away! Or give them to a friend or relative, do something to get them out of the house. :)


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I agree, get rid! I haven't owned a set of scales for about five years and have been much happier and less prone to starving/bingeing since. Getting weighed once a week is more than enough!

Also, as long as the trend is down you're losing weight! How fast isn't the important thing, and I don't know if there is any truth in this but they do say the slower it comes off the longer it stays off!


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I know what you mean Gem - I was the same! Every morning as soon as I went into the bathroom I just HAD to weigh myself so made a decision earlier in the week and put them into the garage until I weigh myself on Monday (I'm doing SW at home) - I do agree with the others - it will be more of a surprise come WI day (hopefully a nice one too) :D


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It's not good for you psychologically to be doing that. Seriously, bin the scales. You get weighed at class and that's all that really matters. If you're doing SW from home, put them away out of sight until your weigh in day/time. Really, don't do it. Weighing every day like that mess your head up as your body is bound to fluctuate on a daily basis.
thanks im going to give the batteries to DH to look after lol

I havent made it back to a class yet am planning to once DD's a bit older

so tomorrow i will get up get dressed and go straight down stairs finger crossed i hope the week goes quick next WI is monday so thats not to far away its a start

Gem x

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