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How do you work out the carbs?

well if your on induction and trying to stick to your 20 carbs a day I wouldn't eat it.

basically I'd say it was 12.8 carbs, but you have to subtract the any fibre, if it mention it.


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Thanks Jim,

I'm normally on CD but because of my asthma my GP has aslked me to come off it for a couple of weeks to see if it improves, I wondered if I could still have the occasional CD pack - I know some do and that they are fairly low in carbs.

How are you btw?
I'm fine, a bit low because I'm quitting smoking, but that's only to be expected isn't it love.


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It sure is, and good for you!!! When did you give up?
Monday :(

I think the CD packs will be fine, they are very low carb aren't they?


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Thanks Jim, your help and information is invaluable.. :)

Good luck with the no smoking.. I think there's a forum on here for it...

Off to work now, speak soon x
Hiya, just wanted to wish you luck on Atkins and tell you that you only subtract the fibre on American bought foods, it's already subtracted from British foods.:) Also CD has about 14g carbs for soup/shake and about 24g for a bar so you could still use it for meal replacement.


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Yes Jim, it's right.

I also made the same mistake for months! Didn't affect my weighloss mind.

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