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How do you?


Positivity is the key
Hi Colette,
wonder why so different today, is it TOTM or something?
If water is making you gag perhaps you are ill, see how the next hour goes, take it slowly, try sipping through a straw, get the water in first and then see.
Hope you start to feel better soon.
aw you poor thing, I know its tough. Maybe make it up, and take sips, lots of water and deep breaths. I know its tough going, but remember it will be worth it.
Maybe try some of the serving suggestions on here, mix it up a bit.
Try not to focus on..im have to have my shake now and im going to be sick bit, think of the im hungry Im looking forward to my shake/soup.
Hope you get on ok.

Lyn xxx
Ive not a clue Ive been 100% fine upto now not had any problems, serves me right probably! Ive just tried putting a straw in and Im still gagging, might just give it a couple of hours then try again just worried it'll take me out of ketosis if I dont have a shake xx


Eloquent hooligan
Hiya... although not h'officially sanctioned have you tried adding either peppermint or almond essence to the choc shakes ? Available from the home-baking aisle of most supermarkets :)
anything is worth a try! its really p*ssing me off that I cant get it down me, i think my own body is trying to sabotage my weight loss!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh Sorry to hear that Collette...sure you havent got a bug or pregnant :-0!!

I could understand if it was the shakes you are struggling with, but with it being water, it is strange.

If you dont feel any better, maybe just make an appt at the doc to see how you are...just incase!

If you start to feel ok, make the shakes up with more water, as it certainly dilutes it and you then drink more water as well!!!

Take care but let us know how you are.
think i might be coming down with something when i was upstairs about 20mins ago i got really dizzy and had to sit down for 5 mins, feeling really weird and my head feels really light im sure it'll pass soon enough
does anyone know if i dont end up managing my shakes today will that take me out of ketosis?


Life is not a Rehersal!
It wont take you out of ketosis......the shakes are purely there to get the cals into you with all the nutrients you need to survive...so, if you can get them down you it will obviously help you to get better!

There has been occasions when I have only had 2 a day, when I had my operation, but I dont think it is good long term.

Just ensure you take it easy....you just need to think of you and getting well at the minute and dont stress too much about your shakes, etc.....yes, you need them, but no point taking them if you throw them back up again!! If you get what I mean.

It does sound like you may be poorly :(

Hope u feel better soon

hiya well didnt manage a shake and only had about 1/2 ltr of water over the full day, feeling worse today so im off to the docs at 12.30, cant be food poisening and ive already had the dreaded swine flu so who knows (well i hope the doc does) xx
Make the shake. Dont think about it. Sounds hard but neck it.

I get to a point in the diet where I cannot enjoy any shake and have ti gulp it down and then gag at the end.

Maybe it is something similar but I would see the doctor asap as you might be coming down with something.

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