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how does drinking water make us lose lbs?

I know from experience that if i drink more water then i lose more weight but does anyone know the science behind it?
When i drink a pint does that pint come out heavier then it went in?
Doe sit collect things on the way through and bring them out with it?
Just interested.
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Afraid not, I just wish we didn't have to drink so much. I'm fed up of running to the loo :p I have heard that the water flushes the bad through the system and out again. But I really don't know the science, sorry couldn't have been of help..x


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The main reason is that if you are drinking loads then you kidneys are fully dialated and working well and hence your liver can get busy metabolising and getting rid of fat, if you aren't drinking that much then your liver helps out your kidneys and hence isn't that efficient.

On top of that the more you drink the less water you retain, and also water generally makes you feel better on the diet.

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Mike you are a font of knowledge :) :) :)


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I know I go on about water lol, but I 110% believe it is the lifeblood of the diet and key to losing weight quickly and painlessly.



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S: 20st0lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 7st13lb(39.64%)
Is that why my breath is so bad? :) :) :)


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I've taken to brushing mine and gargling listerine, works for a while before you have to do it again. Seems to be getting worse the longer I have been on the diet? Is this the case? Sorry to impose Peachy


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I am 10 days into the diet and have been in ketosis since about day 4. I noticed the furry tongue for a day or too but since then I havent had it at all. I am definitely still in ketosis (according to the test strips), but not suffering with the bad breath or furry tongue.

Am I abnormal as well as lucky, or am I not in full ketosis?

I lost 15lbs in the first week, official weigh in tomorrow with CDC so will know how accurate my scales are!
Hi Neco,

I'm on day 13 ... woo that's a bit unlucky! and haven't really had furry tongue/breath issues! I do brush my teeth 2/3 times per day thou and my CDC says it won't be bad if you are getting enough water in. I drink 4+ litres of water per day - maybe that's it??!! Water really is our bestest buddy on this crazy diet :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: xx
arrrhhh ... as my housemate has just so kindly pointed out, I am single and hence no one to tell me if I do have skunk breath! She assures me I don't .... now I'm starting to panic!! x

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