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How does she do it?!

Hey everyone

One of my best friends just started doing SW again (she did it for a long time a while back, very successfully, going to the classes but then gave up). It was her first week this week, and her WI was today.

I just got a text from her saying she's lost 6.5lbs this week. How on earth does she do it?! I know it's different for everyone, but this has made me feel crappy cos I've only lost 5lbs and that's in 5 weeks. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm a veggie and believe I'm doing it right. She said maybe I should give up being a veggie and try Red Days as she said they work wonders for her.

I'm a little bit :( and stumped as to what I should do. I wish I could lose as well as she does! Well done to her and everything, I'm so proud of her...but it's made me think I need a little help... :(
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Give up being a veggie? She for real? Ha

Deffo diff for everyone hun, I lost loads the first two weeks, totally slowed down now. With you being a veggie, you probably ate quite well anyway, so your losses wont be as big.

Where as she was probably like me, and ate too much meat, carbs etc and so its a bigger shock to her system than to yours.

5lb loss is great!! Its in the right direction hun. Chin up!! x
I have to admit loosing 7lbs in my first week, though I expect most of it was water! Don't be disheartened as I found it soon slowed down big style, we will all loose at different rates, but keep at it you'll loose the weight
good luck
Hun, you arnt doing anything wrong! ( i say this with confidence as you ARE loosing weight- dont loose sight of that!)

she wont get a loss next week, and if she does.. it'l be small one whilst her body evens out.. and if by some miricale she wangles another big loss, that wont last for long. Everyone really is different.. yes theres things you can do to speed your weight loss up (vairying HEB's eating certain speed foods) but even that doesnt work wonders for everyone, i know this best!

i wouldnt get upset about it, it can be difficult at times, and easy to lose motivation..

your gunna get there.. Sure we'd all love for it to happen a little bit faster, but if we all woke up looking slim and sexy overnight.. sw would be out of business and we'd all still have bad eating habits in the long run!


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1lb at a time!
Hey hun, I agree with what everyone else has said - this is YOUR journey so enjoy it and don't compare it to anyone else's - you're doing just fine! You don't mention how much weight your friend has to lose, and if she's very overweight (and this is a big 'if') she may have a couple of big losses whilst she starts on SW again! Chin up hun, you're doing fab xx
hi your doing well, dont compare it really doesnt get you anywhere - belive me i was always doing it.

i am not focusing on -1lbs a week, slow loss in the right direction!!

now if i can just get my head back on track!
I have had some great losses since starting SW & totall agree with Littleali21:

Deffo diff for everyone hun, I lost loads the first two weeks, totally slowed down now. With you being a veggie, you probably ate quite well anyway, so your losses wont be as big.

Where as she was probably like me, and ate too much meat, carbs etc and so its a bigger shock to her system than to yours.

5lb loss is great!! Its in the right direction hun. Chin up!! x
I thought I ate reasonably well - but looking at it now I know what I can/can't eat together I understand where I was going wrong. I used to have say a steak, but have it with salad, corn on the cob & wedges or something. Now I can eat the same, but it would be weighed newpots in skins as my HEb, salad & boiled eggs rather than the sweetcorn.

Its is about adjusting things - like said above, being a vegi you were probably eating well anyway. Just make sure you are measuring out the nessasaries & getting your HEa's & b's :)
Mate, I have 'only' lost 1lb a week since I started, but have kept this up for 2 years and now lost over 7 stone. Imagine if I had given up 2 years ago because other people lost more than me??

This isn't a race- it is a long-term lifestyle change. If you look at it as anything else it will only ever be a quick fix.



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I definately found I was negatively comparing with the girls at class who started the same day as me. But at the end of the day, you do this for you alone. Just keep your chin up, and remember that you're getting healthier every day, regardless of anyone else :) well done so far hon!


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A regular loss each week it brilliant, if its slow and steady you are more likely to keep it off, you are re training the way you eat not on a "diet"
Every ones metabolism is different so we will all loose the lbs at different rates.
Hold 2 bags of sugar and feel that weight, youve lost just over that weight... thats fantastic !!
The only thing I would suggest if you're doing all green is to make sure you're having loads of veggies and s and ss foods with it to help balance out the carbs and that my boost your weight losses.

5lb in 5 weeks is the perfect amount of weight to lose. Well done!
I sometimes feel a bit disheartened looking at other people's losses, esp as I have a definite target date and tend to lose relatively slowly. But as long as it's coming off and those numbers are going down I'm happy. I have to remind myself at times that any loss is a good loss tho :eek:
It's silly of us to compare our losses with other people tho, we're all different and will all lose weight at different rates and from different parts of our body. Keep going, it will definitely be worth it in the end :D


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Use Cocktail Princess as your idol!! I do! There are so many people here who are trying to lose as much weight as possible in as little time as possible!! If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good then you may need to take it slowly and along the way learn strategies to change your approach to food/exercise. I have been guilty of comparing myself to others and it's proven to be very self-destructive, so I've stopped that silly behaviour now! We're all individuals with different lifestyles and different bodies so our journeys are going to be very different!! Of course it can be frustrating!! When you're working hard and sacrificing things, you want to be rewarded for it, but do not fear because you are already reaping the rewards!! It's incredible how quickly time goes, and those pounds will mount up before you know it!! XXX


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I have a friend that does ww and when she does it she really cuts down, doesnt use her points (which you are meant to do), lives on crabsticks etc. Loses well for a few weeks, packs in, goes back maybe 8 weeks later ands boy does it show. She went back last week and had put on 9lb!!! Not saying that your friend is doing that but its all about eating well and normally and losing a bit at a time. You really are better off being the tortoise rather than the hare!!!
I think it's totally human nature to feel this way and i'm sure we all do it to some extent. i'm very competitive by nature and i find it VERY hard not to compete with people on my weight loss. I was lucky at first having some great losses, but things have stabilised now and i'm slightly disheartened. BUT, i always think that 1lb a week is nearly 4 stone in a year!! that's just AMAZING and always keeps me going. slow and steady is the best way, and as you said you friend is joining 'again' so she done it before, then gave up. you're already doing better by sticking with it! well done on the loss, 5lb is a LOT! look!



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Hiya GeordieGirl!

As a fellow veggie I'd say don't give up just to try a different plan! I used to do red days & have quorn instead of the meat, alternating red&green was ok for me but I could lose around 0.5 - 1.5 a week.

I joined a new group 3 weeks ago & my consutlant explained Extra Easy (which my last consultant hadn't done!!) & I think its great. I think being veggie & doing EE works, but as others have said everyone is different & some lose more than others whatever plan you do. My new consultant says most poeple get the best results they've had doing EE for a whole week.

A lady in my group lost 6lb at her first weigh-in too, she's lost 1st 13lb in 9 weeks which is brilliant but thats how it'll work for her.

Stick with it & try EE. Mayve be you need to eat more, have more low-fat dairy, more fruit etc. There's always ideas.


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