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How does this diet sound to you ?

I guess i've been eating 1300 for a while now, sticking with that now as a maximum..I've been doing a diet with food replacement, with the addition of all the cheats i can manage!
I quit sugar, all sugars which aren't already in fruit and veg etc. on boxing day, i have the odd sultana or pineapple as a binge but steer clear of most fruit. I have a green oj smoothie once a day and 2 -3 complete amino acid vegan protein shakes, with water, soya milk or soya yoghurt or dairy set natural yoghurt.
By habit i quite often have a large bit of cheese or a frozen smoothie

I eat the odd bit of fruit or salad and a handfull of almonds, (daily), the odd steak and a salad, or small balanced low ish carb meal instead of a shake with the odd bit of mayo on chips....

sometimes a couple of eggs instead of a shake,

I need to get through my vegan food i.e. dried soya stuff soon i have a lot in the house which is left standing there now that i'm eating usually outdoor reared free range or organic meat products.

But i hold by not eating too much meat so the shakes are very good.

I guess it is the slim fast plan if you want to call it something but i'm just boring and going into details because i don't want to cheat and go in a forum where it's no cheats.

I lost 3.5 stone on lipotrim and gained most of it back after the first 3 months... and then gained by not knowing how to say no to any one single bit of food, i was eating 3 cakes and 2 other sweet treats a day most days plus curry and oh wow well everything that makes a balanced diet plus constant intake of sugar.
It got like my smoking 60 a day i had to stop or i would die.

Need to get some fish in there it's lacking.
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Hi Clouddog,

It sounds much more sustainable than the Lipotrim diet. It's so important to learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet rather than doing a quick-fix and then the weight popping on again (which I'm sure most of us have done at some point!).

The fact that you've stuck to it since Boxing day (especially the sugar thing!) is impressive so you can trust yourself to stick to it!

Thanks beta!
where are you with your journey?
I have not said that i really and totally have actually lost 3.5 -2 stone about 7 or 8 times so yea i tried everything
off sugars for life

don't want that square of dark chocolate in 10 years time and i already know what lemon polenta cake tastes like
Yeah, that's really good! Remember though not to beat yourself up if you do accidentally eat something sweet at some point (sometimes birthday cake is forced in your direction and you don't have much choice!).

It's good that you have lost weight in the past, even if you slipped up because you know you can lose the weight, you just have to learn to keep it off :)

I'm doing ok- I have lost 2st 12lbs but sometimes struggle with binge-eating and some weeks my weight stays the same! I'd like to get to 8st 12 ish. How much weight are you wanting to lose? do you have a goal weight?
other than under 10 stone, not really

i always wanted to be about 50 - 55 kg, but i'm 40 and not pretty any more....

congrats on your weight loss
captive in someone's flat where they have made you a cake?

I had profiteroles forced on me once - that isn't a relapse it's like being spiked against your will...

It wasn't a problem i knew it was out of my hands
You have similar stats to me i must fill in my profile... except i'm shorter....

8 12 is awful low for someone your height, isn't it?

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