How does this sound?


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I'm planning of having a green day. Today is going to be a hectic one so I'm trying to plan ahead as much as I can.

Todays Menu:
Before I leave for work Batchelors beef savoury rice as I won't have time for lunch.

Maybe a mugshot at work or just before I leave?

Uni library after work.

Chicken breast (HEXb) and a jacket spud when I get home.

I'm going to get some of the new choc muller lights too for when I get home and have the urge to snack.

Now what do you think? xx
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Where is breakfast? And your fruit or veg? :D


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:p Well I'm having the rice at 11am, so it's more of a brunch than a breakkie or lunch.

I dunno where to fit any veg in and I'm friutless at the minute too :8855:I need a shop.

Ok I promise to buy some fruit from Tesco on my way into work :innocent0002:


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Yh buy some fruit to munch on!?x

Mrs V

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You also need your other HeA and HeB well as the fruit and veg...other than that...ok!! Lol


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Thank you ladies, you kept me on the straight and narrow :D xx

I had the rice this morning. Mugshot and a muller light at work.

And for dinner I just had chicken (HEXb), mixed veg consisting of broccoli, sweetcorn, carrots and peas, smash (cos Im lazy) with gravy (need syns) and mint sauce.

Was gorrrrrrgeous!! Is that ok you think?


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Hi Fea, its great that your'e planning ahead, i started SW last March and am now a target member and i still write out my weeks menu in a book after i get back from WI. You can change bits as you go along but at least you know what you need to buy, nothing worse than not knowing what to have and then making wrong choices. xxx


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I know what you mean Lou.
I think I'll try and plan what I'm having tomorrow too and ask everyone for advice cos it really helped me today. I didn't used to plan ahead but if it keeps me on track then Im all for it! x


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If you sling veg into those savoury rice packets when you cook them it's really nice and an easy way to get more veg in.