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how does totm affect you?

It usually makes me gain or if I'm very lucky, maintain. However, I know it's not real 'fat' weight, just water retention. As long as I keep my sugar cravings in check anyway!


Have not had a problem yet :fingerscrossed: always had a bigger weightloss when I have started my period and a smaller loss the week before.

I am definitely not taking this for granted though as I have a lot to lose, but hopefully it will continue :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I can either sts, or gain up to 7lbs, so a bit hit and miss really!
If you are prepared for it, it should not get you down...especially as if like me the weight loss the following week is good!


I am one of the 63336
Who the **** said that *week affects me in any way was talking out their ***ing ****. Show me who it is and I'll punch their ****ing lights out :mad::mad::mad:

Only kidding :D

* week makes me want to :17729:. But then I'm so off plan at the moment every day makes me want to :17729:

I have one of the contraceptive implants so I havent had proper * weeks for a long time, however they have kinda come back recently and they are bringing all sorts of cravings with them!! Mainly chocolate!! So as long as I can keep within my sysn affects are minimal, but any STS or gain during * week is due to me giving into cravings than me gaining any water weight I think! x


On a journey !
oh my god suepat, I can't stop laughing at that, I don't think I will get much sleep tonight cos I will keep thinking about it (I'm like that) xx:8855::8855:


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
I tend to put on/STS the week before and then the same the week of * week. It's really annoying as I only lose 2 weeks out of every 4! :cry:
I have had 2 * weeks since starting SW and the first time I put on 1.5lbs and the 2nd i lost a lb! So god knows whats going on! I do know that the week before I have super cravings for everything though! x


Fighting the bulge
well i weighed in and lost 3lbs so not sure if its because last week was * week so i put on or if its because i started drinking twinings flavoured teas :)

I have the implant aswell so i dont have many * weeks either


Care Bear xxx

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I can put on up to 6lbs at TOTM and it lasts for like 2 weeks! but then as soon as ive had it, it drops right back down again! its really frustrating only being the correct weight 50% of the month!!!!!! xxx


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I tend to have a small loss or a maintain the week before star week but then a big loss the following week! It seems to be a pattern!

I have some of my group thinking i'm a bit psychic though! I declared 2 weeks ago that I was due a big loss the following week and got 3lbs despite having a meal out! They still wonder how I do it!

Amy xx
Who the **** said that *week affects me in any way was talking out their ***ing ****. Show me who it is and I'll punch their ****ing lights out :mad::mad::mad:


Oh thats Hilarious!! That is so like me!

And god forrbid if someones says to me "Is it your time of the month?" they get told where to go! I have a mouth like a sewer if someone accuses me of being on my period! I just tell them tough sh*t and if they dont like it the can F**k Off! lol


Fighting the bulge
I think as longs as you can realise that it is * week effecting your loss then its easy to deal with and it is why it is so important to look at your loss over the month.

Last time i didnt realise that * week was effecting me and so every 3 weeks i was heart broken!


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