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How does xmas 2008 compare to xmas 2009?

well last year I was 4 and a bit stone heavier, had to make a mad dash to Evans to get a totally hideous outfit(I love Evans clothes,but felt so horrid just grabbed big dark clothes to hide in), dreaded seeing people who hadn't seen me for ages and was having lots of rows with Mr T as I was hyper-sensitive due to very low self-esteem.
This year however am the lowest xmas weight since 2005,have got a couple of gorgeous skirts I have slimmed back into,am entertaining and organising loads of get togethers, all loved up with Mr T and basically so excited I feel like I'm going to burst.
So thanks cd!!!! x:flirt2:
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woohoo well done you

Last year I was 5.5 stone heavier and getting ready to go skiing for xmas and I was miserable because I had to buy mens skiing clothes as womens wouldn't fit. I felt fat and horrible I hated having to write my weight down for my skis to be adjusted getting on ski lifts used to worry me as the dip on the heavest side and if I fell over it would take 2 men to help me up.

This year I am gutted we are not skiing because I was looking forward to wearing girlie stuff and handing over my weight but I am feeling the best I have felt in 15 yrs I have loads of pretty xmas outfits to wear and I am looking forward to going into 2010 5.5 stone lighter rather than thinking how am I going to lose weight.


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It's such a fab story! Why are you not skiing this year? Maybe you should book long weekend in January and still go? Im sure would be worth it xxx
Great thread. Last new years eve I was a size 20 and now a 12 yay. I went out with my best friend and OH's to a pub with buffet and I think we had about 3 slices of cake for pudding. :eek:
Both of us went on CD after then and shes now a tiny size 6-8. This year I hope to get another load of photos of us to compare last years.
we booked skiing for 2009 in jan 2008 and paid it off during the year, I lost my job in jan 2009 so we didn't think we could book it with me being out of work. After talking to the kids they wanted a summer holiday in 2010 so we have gone for that my son is off skiing with the school in feb. I am think of booking for 2011 in feb so we have time to pay it off it costs us about £6000 to go as its me, hubby and 2 sons then my sis and her son, my two are classed as adults now.

But as a treat for losing weight I am booking snowboarding lessons at the snowdome in milton keynes so that will be good.
Great thread. Last new years eve I was a size 20 and now a 12 yay. I went out with my best friend and OH's to a pub with buffet and I think we had about 3 slices of cake for pudding. :eek:
Both of us went on CD after then and shes now a tiny size 6-8. This year I hope to get another load of photos of us to compare last years.

thats great you should do before and after pics from both NYE's


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Great thread..............
Last Christmas............ I was over 15 stone and I was miserable and I was in a size 18...........
However this Christmas I am 6 1/2 stone lighter and in a size 8 and in the 8 stones!!!!!! & so happy !!!!
Great stories from everyone................ Well done to you all xxxxx
Last Xmas at this time I was 134 lbs heavier, could barely get in and out the car and do all the Xmas shopping for vast amounts of food I paid thousands on, helped my mother cook for days on end and then ate with the family in huge amounts, what must have been tens of thousands of calories and hundreds of carbs in one meal, knowing I am "starting dieting right after Xmas and NYE, it's silly to start now!". I wish I had started then!

Last Xmas I got the Wii as a present. I got on the board -and have a video of this moment for some reason that I cringe when I watch- and it made my Mii pop huge and said something to the effect of "oh dear, your BMI is nearly double a normal BMI, now let's get to work" and I just hated it and wanted it to shut it!

I didn't think I looked like someone of nearly 300 lbs, I didn't want to admit I can never find clothes, that I feel sick and that everyone is right and I need to do something about it if I wanted to get healthy and have a normal life and babies. I had just stopped smoking and that was healthy enough for me and surely, justification enough to eat anything in site in quantities that would make me want to drop on the couch, hide my huge belly with a throw pillow and barely breath with how much I had had.

What was I wearing? A tent, a black dress and a jeans skirt from the maternity clothes section that must have been a 28.

This year there's a little size 8 dress waiting for me and a sensible, rather tiny maintenance meal for Xmas dinner and another for NYE with a few glasses of something and Sole Source as usual in between. It makes me happy to know I am not going to binge or gorge and that I am not feeling deprived that I won't.

Some days I forget I lost 10 sizes and how long I've come. Not this Xmas. And not the next one.

Thanks for the thread and well done everyone!
Wow Miss Ama your story is incredible, I simply go on my wii to get weighed at the moment as I love it telling me not to lose weight so quickly, my goal is to use it more next year to increase my activity levels-although until the human whirlwind starts nursery in sept' think I will continue tbe too tired when he is in bed! x
Enjoy this Christmas,you have worked so hard this year x
What an inspirational thread :) Wonderful!
Well, last year I was fed up because I had been doing so well with my weight loss - even after my bf dumped me but then he moved in next door to one of my best friends and I got upset and of course tunred to food and undid all the good work I had done. I stuffed myself for about 10 months then September I started CD. Got rid of all the weight I had put on through getting upset over him which actually helped me to get over him a bit more too. Then I lost more and am now at a record low for 20 years! It's all new and wonderful now. I still have a long way to go but whereas last Xmas I was not happy or optimistic about myself, this year I am. This year I will be wearing something I feel good in (not sure what yet), holding my head up high and welcoming 2010, knowing that I am going to have a good and healthy year.
I am also looking forward to my friends and their kids coming in the summer cos this year for the first time I will be slim and active enough to get on the ground and play with them.
Eclipse you are a star thankyou so much,you'd never guess my husband works for a huge international IT company(and to be fair to him is rather good at it) whereas I am hopeless at IT.
Alex Ice you deserve to walk with your head held up high and I hope you have a fab xmas x


please try again
last christmas i was happy on the surface, i had my mum, my sister and her partner and inlaws, so different to the pervious christmas where i sat at home alone on ss and just feeding up kaya, so to others im sure i looked really happy but realistically i was misrible, i was stressed out from hosting christmas, sleeping on the floor ( mum was in my bed ) and trying to do 24hour care for 2 people as mum has severe alzhimers and is incontinent
i had gained back some of the weight and felt like a blimp, squuezed into the only decent top i could find, squeezing past people in the kitchen, having to sit at the table and have things passed from the food table to me as i couldnt squeeze past the others to do it myself. i didnt even take any photo's that year as i didnt want to see what i had done to myself

this year im nearly 4 stone down, ok so im still rather large but i know i will be continuing cd and be alot smaller for christmas 2010 and im so glad i didnt put it off till january 2010 to start!
Where to start this time last year i was topping the scales at almost 15stones size 18-20 this time i am a very comfy size 12 and almost four stones down. I even tried some size 12 jeans and a skirt today and they were too big but the 10 too small.

I entertained the family and basically for the rest of the time munched my way through 2 tins of chocs numerous mince pies and stodge.

This year is so different i have planned my meals for everyday. I go up to 810 on 24th December and have worked my plan round this.

I am so excited as this year i feel FLAB-U-LESS i know i look so much better and more confident.

This is a great thread a real motivator to not over indulge cos i ain't going back to 2008 xxx
well done all, it is a great thread because I hadn't even thought about it like that and it has made me look back and see how far I have come and how much I am enjoying the changes.
This time last year I weighed over 16 stone and was on a frantic crash diet to fit into my size 20 salopettes and jacket for our trip to Lapland. As it was they were still pretty tight.

This time around I weigh 9 stone 4 and am a size 8-10. The new salopettes I bought for this trip are slightly big already (oops) but they will have to do! I might have to take my daughter's size 8 salopettes with me in case. I have so much more energy and I'm really looking forward to lots of long walks in the snow!:D

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