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How Embarrasing!!!

I have started the Cambridge diet today and am so embarrased as the scales the lady bought with her do not register my weight......:eek::eek::eek:

That is enough reason for me to start and continue with the diet!! lol

Trouble is, she was only able to take measurements so I will have no idea how much weight I have lost until I see her next week when she will be bringing the industrial cattle scales (my words not hers!!) to start recording my weight.

Oh the shame of it!!:sigh::sigh::sigh:
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I wouldn't worry too much about it hun, the losses on this diet are so incredible, you will be registering on the scales in no time at all, you have made the biggest step by starting, and that in itself is a huge achievement, well done, and try not to worry about the scales x
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Bless you ginstar, what an awful thing to have happened! But you've taken the first step in your weight loss and CD will work if you can stick to it 100% (ahem, not that i've been able to do that lately but hey ho!)

good luck and let us know how you get on, and remember we're all here for support if you need us!


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Bless, that must have felt awful. You'll definitely see a change in both the measurements and weight soon. If you really want to know what you weigh, why not go to your local Boots (or similar) and use their scales there? But if you're happy to wait until the CDC scales work for you, then keep downing those shakes and water and you'll be there in no time at all!

Good luck and keep us posted!


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Honey, don't let it upset you... pretty soon those scales will never be needed again. CD is fab and really can change your life, so best of luck on your journey.

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Wow that must have been a strange feeling, but thats why you are doing this diet!

You will soon be on her scales registering with no problems and it will make your story even more interesting when the weight has gone! The impact will be greater!

Your CDC will want to be using your story for the local press!!!

Good luck. This diet is lfe changing and you have done the hardest bit now. The rest is sticking to it and watching the weight fall off!


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OOOPS have you got a Boots near you? they usually have a "good" set of scales to weigh on so that you at least you can have a figure in your head!!!! Get you in the mind set.

Good luck and welcome to your journey xoxox
Do you not have a local boots you can go and weigh yourself at. The one near me has a big set that does your body fat and all sorts but I think you can just get your weight alone. I personally love the first week loss and thinking of it in lbs. Maybe that is an idea if you're like me.

If not though I agree with the others, the losses are so quick and considerable you'll be appearing on those other scales before you know it.

Stick with it hun and good luck.

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just think about how good your weight loss will be in the first week. They say that the bigger you are the more you initially lose. Don't worry about what you are now, its just a number, just concentrate on what you want to be.
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Don't let it upset you. I have also had problems with scales in the past including this time when this horrid locum doctor made me stand on two scales, one foot on each, to help her get my weight because there wasn't one in the whole surgery that went up high enough.

I am starting CD within the next few days and hope that I will never again need to worry about scales and such trivial things! lol!!

Good luck with everything! x


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ooooough! I don't like that. When I was a CDC....I had scales that went up to 31 stone. I would have been mortified to do that to someone! She should be ruddy embarrassed, not you! As for calling them "industrial cattle scales"....mmmm....great. Sensitive. Sounds like a peach!

Don't worry about the scales. You'll be grand in no time at all!!!

S: 17st9lb C: 17st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st7lb(2.83%)
Aww hun that sucks, but like others have said, you have taken the first time and the weight will be dropping off you in no time! Good luck hun and keep at it! xx
well peeps, cdc couldnt bring the cattle scales (lol) so I had a "measure - in" instead...13 1/2 inches in total in 6 days (she also had to move appointment time) woohoo!! why arent my clothes feeling any looser!! :-(


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Fab inch loss, but I'd be seriously concerned as to why she hasn't brought her scales, I wouldn't be happy at all.
I agree - she sounds a bit insensitive - suppose it depends on her tone though (she might have been trying to lighten the situation). You will look back and smile at the memory of that experience. Well done on week 1 and good luck!!!

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