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Must do it this time
Hey there,
i was just wondering if anyone out there has the mirena coil fitted and if so have you been told that losing alot of weight and changing your body shape on the outside can change your shape on the inside and make you more prone to falling pregnant.
This info has made me very nervous as i really dont want to get pregnant again(have 2 wonderful kids already)ive lost 5 st in total since feb and this news is not very welcoming to my ears!!!
Anyone out there who might be able to shed some light on the situation would be great,
elaine x
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Its true im afraid, a friend of mine whos in her 40s had lots of trouble concieving and was just about to go to the fertiltiy clinic and she started cambridge to lose some weight and within 2 months she got her BFP great news for her..........its because your body is getting all the vitamins,minerals and nutrients it needs. Be warned!
It isnt that alone.

Fat stores have oestrogen in them, so when you break down your fat cells you release the oestrogen and voila - chances of getting pregnant are increased xx


Must do it this time
even with the coil are your chances just the same?


Must do it this time
thanks for the replys girls,
Time to send hubby for the old snippety snip Elaine!
Hope you dont mind me posting on your thread Elaine!
But I also have a Mirena and have been wondering the same question.

I havent had a period since April and before that not often at all (as with the Mirena I believe you dont get them very often) however I have been on CD SS since Friday 29th Aug and I came on for the first time since April on Thursday of last week......I was quite shocked but glad that I am having periods as at least I know I am 'functioning inside':)

I wonder if it has anything to do with being on CD?? The extra fertile thing actually makes me happy as I was worried I may not be able to conceive & we are hoping to try for a baby next year....hope I dont fall pregnant before losing all my weight though!

I have mirena, been on and off cd for a year. im also 22 and at my "prime" (god i hate that)

No baby yet :D
I also have the mirena. I lost just over 4 stone and have kept it off for over a year and am pleased to report no babies:)

I also have a client who has successfully lost 6 stone and has the mirena.

I'm sure you'll be fine, but if you are really concerned maybe you could have a word with your gp or family planning practitioner.


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