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how hard is this???



Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Corrina, yes it does. When you hit Ketosis, which could be another day or so the hunger for most people dies off and for some its like a magic switch goes off in your head as the cravings for food dies down.

Have you tried adding sweetner tablets to your shakes, or a little bit of coffee to the chocolate or vanilla ones - that might make them taste a bit better. Add some more water - I have my shakes with around 400mls of water and if at home lots of ice. For the chicken soup some people add chilli flakes or a teensy bit of salt and pepper - not allowed but some people still seem to do well on it.

Hang in there as it really so worth it specially after your first weigh in as that will spur you on.
Thanks jools,

I tried the vanilla with coffee and sweetner this morning, i could only just manage 3/4 of it before it made me feel sick. I'm hoping the taste will grow on me!! I can cope with the soup as added some pepper and a bit of chilli:giggle:

I feel very short tempered and a little week today too, kinda wishing the time away!! but just looked at some photos my hubby took yesterday and I just cant get over the rolls of fat on my back!! I hope this keeps me on track!! :D


I will be skinny again!!!

Yup it def does get easier..

Personnally, I wasnt a fan of the vanilla and coffee either.. have you tried the shakes just plain as they come yet??
Haven't tried choc yet but hated the strawberry and could only just stand the vanilla for a bit!!!


I will be skinny again!!!

was the vanilla mixed with peppermint tea... wow i thought it was delicious... but then again I loved all of the shakes plain aswell!


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Hi c_robson,

When you start on the shakes the overwhelming taste is from the vitamins and minerals but this taste does go away as your body and taste buds get use to it.

If you drink a small glass of water before taking your shake it can help to dilute the taste.

You could always try splitting your shakes and so that instead of having three meals a day you have six mini meals spread through out the day, this can help in the first week and it saves on waste if you tend to gag on them.

Just remember you must make each half up fresh and consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

I could never get use to the soup:spit:


Size 14 here i come!
I manage mine better when the water is really cold from fridge or some like to add crushed ice! Good luck hun, it is tough but it really works!


Life is not a Rehersal!
It does get easier...I remember the very first time I tried one, oh boy, I had to hold my nose and get it down in one.....like you, I gagged..now, I love them...well, the choc and the soup only.

I make my choc up with at least 450ml water and crushed ice - eat your heart out McDs...I look forward to it every night!
The soup I make with at least 500-600ml of water, this is just recent as I used to use around 400 ml, but prefer it thinner now.

The taste does get better as your taste buds get used to them...just takes a bit of perseverance at the start.

Have a great week!
Thanks everyone. Just having. Mint choc shake and it's not bad!! Had a bit of a cry at my hubby then had a bath and feeling better. One day at a time really is all you can do at the beging. Got dome ketostix and it's definatley starting hoping to be in ketosis in a day or so. Hopefully that will be easier. I will be thin. I will be thin. I will be thin. Lol lol

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