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How hard?


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I need to lose about 5 stone and my GP has said that she is happy to prescribe Orlistat but as when I saw her last I wasn't ready to start as was a couple of weeks away from going on holiday so she told me to look into it and see how I felt and let her know when I see her next (have regular monthly apps at the moment)

I think it would be a good thing to try but I am worried about knowing what I can and can't eat and getting fat content correct etc.

Is it actually that difficult or do you get lots of advice from the Gp too when they are prescribed like you would if you started slimming world or weight watchers?
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I used Orlistat last year and it definately works. My GP monitored me each month and as long as I was losing she was happy to keep prescribing. I found it quite daunting to start with but that just made me more careful about what I was eating and then once I got going I found it ok. I only had a couple of occasions of side effects when I mistakenly ate Salmon forgetting it was an oily fish and another occasion when it was my own fault and I knew it was coming.

Sadly due to circumstances I stopped using it and have gained back a lot of what I lost but started again on Friday last week and can already feel the difference.

My GP doesn't really offer any advice other than the prescription but I know thats different for others. I use an App on my phone to calculate the calories of everything I eat and allow myself 1500 calories a day.

I also have a lot of weight to lose, about 7.5 stones at the moment but am determined to get it off because I know that losing the 3.5 stone i lost last year made such a huge difference to how I felt about myself and my energy levels.

Good luck. I'm sure it'll be the best decision you've ever made.



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there are so many of us that have prob found this daughting...

but there are also soooo many sucess stories.. :)
there are also loads (myself included) who have gone off to other diets to get the job done quicker and come back here with tail between legs, because you really do know its the better way to do it...

taking the prescription from the DR was the best decision i made. it was tough learning to check everything, but it does become second nature.

you learn so much more about foods. and what is good and what is not so good.

My fitness pal is a great help also, so make sure you add that to your favorites or if you have a phone that has apps make sure you down load that one.

there are loads of recipie threads also to help you along with chosing what to eat (mine is Krystle (well mostly her hubbys) recipies) so take a look at that. and there will be more added as and when i make them. :)

ask questions, and feel free to read any of the diaries.. they are a great help!!!


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S: 20st2lb C: 20st2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 48.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I am a terrible yoyo dieter :sigh:
Last year I lost about 2 stone on slimming world which has all gome back on then in 2007 I lost 4.5stone on WW and the cambridge diet (that's when I found out about minimins!) again that all went on over some time but it did :(

I think I need to give this a go and hopefully it will give me the shove I need especially if i step out of line and get the unwanted side effects but also knowing that the gp will also be on my back too will help keep me going too.

I have had a look at different posts from others and it has made it look a bit easier than I was thinking, just need to get my head round what I need to get as I've been having philadelphia light on rtvita for lunch but have looked at the fat and it's 11.5g per 100g so know I will have to find something else for lunch now and I haven't even seen the gp about starting it yet! I'm definately getting into the right place to want to lose the lbs again though so that's a good thing too


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
I'm not sure on the rivita... as I've not had them, but I know Tesco do equivalent of phili (nice garlic and herb one.) In their light choices range, and that is in th 5% rule.. you might just have to find something else to have them on....

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