How is everyone doing???


Is thinking positive!
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blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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Hi this is my third day back on lipotrim.


I was fine up to an hour ago, in the end have had my last shake, and another bottle of water! Theres peanuts chocolate everywhere so decided to come on here, while cooking hubby's tea, lovely jacket potato, I want to kill him. Rest of the family fed.

I cant give in I've got weigh in tomorrow1

HELP HELP HELP!!!!!:drool:


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Im new to this site although I did do the lD and lost 3 stone on it I was silly and came off the diet tho Im determined this time and just started back on it today so wish me luck!!! You all seem to be doing so well Im glad I found ye as Im really inspired by the stories and photos are so amazing I just keep going wow and the kids are starting to wonder what it is Im looking at lol


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Im back on it today after many failed attempts lol
But i forget how cold you become on this diet
Im like ice!
Geraldine, wishing u lots of luck, but u wont need it no doubt!


Below 190lbs... wohooo
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I started boxing day so managed to eat christmas lunch. I'm struggling today but just hanging in there. Bloody freezing and we dont have any heating


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hiya long time no here back on the shakes properly yesterday never thought sprouts and carrots could taste so lovely.
Your sounding very positive and focused keep up the good work

xx Sharron


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Laura, I have a lot to lose and you are a real inspiration to me :)

Almost end of second week, had xmas day off and a couple of light meals xmas eve and boxing day...doing ok not perfect but well.


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welcome back stranger!! Ya are defintely hitting those challenges with a bang, please tell me your secrets. I have had a tough week and gained 8lbs but back on track now!

Cuddily mum

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Well done laura for not giving in sadly i did and now paying the price and finding it really hard to get back into it
Donna x

mrs bee

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Laura you are doing so well, congratulations!!

I ate (alot!) over christmas, however am back on LT now and *touch wood* finding it easy to get back on track!!


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Hello Laura sweetie, you did very well to resist over Christmas. I'm ashamed to say I was a very naughty girl and am paying the price now!!!!!!