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How is everyone doing?

Hello all, it's so quiet on this board! Where else do you lot hang out/lurk? I lurk a bit on the SW board but haven't posted anywhere else apart from here as yet. Also I LOVE looking at the weight loss pictures.

How is everyone doing? I've been a bit lapse the last few days due to running out of shakes and then the wii fit board died and I thought I'd put it on charge but it didn't charge so now I haven't exercised since Sunday.

I really want to shift at least 2 stone by the end of July but the way things are going I won't :sigh:

Did anyone watch the programme on BBC1 tonight about dieting and foods that keep you full longer, it was quite interesting I thought.

I'm rambling so will head to bed now before my OH comes stumbling in from the pub.

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sharon kim

Silver Member
oh i missed that i wanted to watch it as well typical of me lol


Full Member
I've been quite as have been busy and hubbie was in hospital so was not really following any plan. Hes home now and I lost 3lbs somehow:D I have transferred to SF but still want to post here hope you don't mind!
Sharon, I expect it will be on again sometime. Possibly on BBC3.

Deegirl, well done on the 3lb lost. How are you getting on with SF? I always used to feel hungry when on that but with Celebrity Slim I feel full. I hope your hubbie is ok now.

sharon kim

Silver Member
im going to give slim fast ago as i have been given a moths supply by a friend i was going to try LL but might as well use this up first, i like atkins best but after ending up in hospital with yet another kidney infection i realise i cant do it any more [it doesnt cause kidney infections ] in normal pp but can cause them for me cos i only have the one kidney
awww sharon sorry you've been ill...glad you're better now. Dee's on slimfast aswell now....so you should buddy up.

Did you keep your promise and keep off the scales to the end of may? I gave in well and truely lol.

hope your okay now


sharon kim

Silver Member
did i hell lol hows the LL going
i feel off the wagon lol, nothing unusual there. starting again tomorrow, the weekends are always the hardest....figured if i can get through that i can get through anything.

plus i have bought a load of new stuff that doesnt quite fit....i really am going to have to stick at it lol!

sharon kim

Silver Member
lol your not on your own there im going to start tomorrow im going to try the sf as ss and see how it goes if i need to eat some thing im going to have oatibix [got 5 boxes] had a miss happ with my tesco order lol feeling a lot better now was really studid really i know i cant do low carb but still do it but after the last time im deff not going to again, when i was in hospital i was so ill just wanted to die but was self inflicted so cant moan about it


Full Member
Hi Sharon I've been doing SF for last week lost 3lbs....don't know how but didn't stick to it v well as you can see by earlier post! Its not as nice as CS but a lot cheaper :D
Hey girls been down in Devon for a wedding and have been crazy busy at work since I have been back which is why I havent been on much. Really fell off the diet wagon since the bloody wedding too, I just seem to wanna eat everything in sight! Oh well blips are part of it all i guess back on track ASAP! x

sharon kim

Silver Member
had a shake today and it wasnt bad to be honest i had the bannoffe one bit sweet but not bad

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