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how is everyone?

eugh ive been feeling so ill yesterday and last night, tmi but first i couldnt go the loo then it was all i could do to stay of the loo! and now my body feels like ive slept in the tumble dryer.. good thing is ive stuck to diet and not had comfort foods instead of meals as usual and WI is tomorrow... id really love 4lbs this week as ive eaten well and execised for an hour everyday apart from yesterday as well as a huge all day walk with the babies pram on friday .. plus if it is 4 i will get my 1st stone! but what is meant to be will be.
moving up to 1200 cals this week coming so my body doesnt think its getting starved and gonna replace a meal aday with tescos version of slimfast for some extra vits as my breakfasts havent been great, so trying that for a week and ill see how i feel.

any plans for the week? how all you plans going?

nic x
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Heyy aww its rubbish when u feel like that isnt it!
I'm not doin 2 bad,struggled a little at the family bbq yesterday,but i did good :-D
Good news - Ive got a wii n wii fit yeyyy!!
Hopefully going gettin them in the next couple of days.
Does it have a callories counter on? some1 told me it doesent so is there another way 2 know how many cals uve burned? and would u say the scales are accurate or am i best goin off my bathroom 1's? x x p.s good luck 4 2days weigh in!
feelin better today just got weighed and ive lost 5lb so made up as i have my first stone!

stef- ive found the scales pretty acurate.. if u have carpet in your living room get something hard to put the board on i put it on 2 planks of left over laminate. it does count the calories youve burnt and the time youve actually been working out so when it says youve done 15 mins youve actually been doing 15 mins moving. last night i did 1hr18mins 50mins of it stepping whilst watching tv.. then 20mins boxing and a few games which burnt 545 calories for me. i stil weigh in on my weigh in day on my own scales but its the only time touch them as to get your day stamp by weighing in each day.. i just take it with a pinch of salt tho and dont check the weight i just see if the bmi goes down.. its easy tho and you will understand when you set it up xxx btw on the fitness and exercise they have a monthly wii tournament/ challenge.. you set how many hours you want to do in the month then log each time you do some to try and beat what you have put!

nic x
thanks nic and bloody well done on ur 5lb loss thats brill!! x x
Hey nic u feelin back 2 normal now? hope so!
I'm ill now :-(
Had a sore ear 4 a wile and went the docs saturday and they give me drops and said it was very inflamed but wus in agony all night didnt sleep it was horrendous so had 2 go the out of hours doctors and i have a bad infection in my ear canal, feel absoloutly rubbish!
Gutted 2 as sooo lookin forward 2 goin on the wii but im shattered from bein up all night and doesent look like im gonna get much sleep 2nite either as my ear is killing me!

Hope every1 else is doin ok tho! x x
I use the scales on the wii to weigh myself. Not sure how accurate they are in terms of my exact weight. But trust them to show how much ive gone down. Like how they keep track of weight and got a nice graph of the line going down for the 2 stone ive got. As I weigh myself most day (i know I shouldnt) made it clear that i was losing weight mon-fri and always putting some back on at weekend. Made me really focus on weekend eating habits. Good luck with the wii!
just done 30mins step on th wii but raised the wii board on a peice of worktop i had in the shed it doubled the height and made it much more challenging which was good raised the heart beat!
sorry your feeling ill hun im still strugglin with the loo tempted to take some fibergell as i think my diet may be lacking in fibre so have had some wholemeal bread today and beaans in a chilli, gone over my cals slightly but if it gets things moving also ate more fruit today.. felling down this week dunno why so ive resigened myself to a small loss this week or sts so im not disapointed. ive got an interveiw tomorrow on a placement which im hoping to get working with ex-offenders.. its unpaid but im trying to get back to work after having my 4 babies and i have to start somewhere! im hoping it will lead to paid employment along the line plus its a really good placement.. glad ive shifted a stone as although ive not changed dress size im starting to be able to tell im loosing weight especially in my belly which is a little confidence boost!

jane i do that on the wii too my weight always goes up after weigh day which is a monday as i tend to treat myself which i only realised after doing the wii for a few weeks so going to make a concious effort to be good on mondays! i dont always check the weight just the difference too

stef i really hope your ears better soon hun.. ear and teeth pain are the worst pain going second to labour! and this is coming from a tomboy kid whose broken a fair few bones! lol so my heart goes out to you xxx
Thanks nic, good luck with the interview. i been up all night bein sick aswell and my stomachs sore, think im gettin a bug too. I'll keep u posted x x
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