how ive done

hi guys im new to this joined ww last wed and this may all sound really stupid but im struggling an ive got wi in 2 days argh
ive got a few lil hunches
i know i have to stay within my points limit which is 23 but does it all have to be healthy i mean i love love love kebabs are they really that bad? and looking over the past few days in my diary i seem to have eaten an awfull lot of bread i mean im bulking up my meals with 0 point things like salad.
im just really nervous about wed because there is only a couple of people at my meetings and they all seem so serious i feel like im gunna turn up and of lost maybe a pound lmao how funny.
im so glad i found this site maybe you guys can inspire and give me a few pointers :) and tips thanks for listening x x x x x

a few days of what ive eaten what do you think?

half a tin of beans 1 0.5
2 pieces toast 3
spag hoops 3 0.5
1 piece bread 1
0 point soup yummy
1 bottle of pear cider think 3
bread 1
2bread 3

day 2
omg bad bad day
half tin beans 2 pieces toast 4 0.5
tesco light choice cranberry bar 1
fist size jacket 2.5
tin tuna 1
tblspn mayo 2
light choices bar 1
wine 2
wine 2
donner kebab 9
ice cream 2 0.5
i went over 5 points but they were left over from previous day
is that really bad for my first couple days cuz i know there are no limitations to this diet?:confused:
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