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How long after birth can I join?

Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate any replies.
I just had a wonderful baby girl a month ago this thursday and I'm eager to join WW, feel healthy physically, been very active since 3days after I had her etc.
There's a meeting tomorrow that I'd love to go to but I've so much on my plate at the mo that I can't risk going if i'll be turned away, we're moving house this week among many other things. Thanks x
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LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Hi, it says on my member card on the back:

"Mothers may join once their baby is 6 weeks old and they have their doctor's, health visitor's or midwife's approval."
Hmmm I wonder why, I'm probably eating less than the points allowance now as it is so joining would actually make me healthier?

Thanks for the reply x

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Possibly to give your body enough time to recover after the birth? I honestly don't know- I've never had a child so this is just a guess.

Lots of people find when they join they can't believe how much they are eating :) So it could make you healthier, I suppose it depends on what you're eating now. :)
Ok you never heard this from me but I went back when my wee boy was 4 weeks old and they never asked for a letter from my doctor and I never told them!! ;)

I made sure I told them I was breastfeeding etc but like you I was actually eating more and healthier whilst on the diet.

It's up to you how honest you are!!x

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Ooh sneaky! I'd try that if I were in the same position ;)
They don't want to joining too early for health reasons! But your body doesn't start getting bac to normal til 6 mths after u give birth! Ur womb etc stil has to shrink back etc so I'd leave it for a while! I joined wen my little lad was 4 weeks (I lied) n to be honest it was a waste of time n money! Enjoy ur little one while ya can
I started this time around when my little boy was 6 weeks old. You get extra points depending on if you are fully or partially breastfeeding and I haven't found any problems with my milk supply.

Go for it and enjoy your little person xx

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