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How long after mixing?

I've been a bit daft - I mixed up a vanilla shake for breakfast, drank half of it, and THOUGHT I'd finished the rest but I've just got in and found it on the side :rolleyes:

Obviously I need to drink it really to make sure I get my 3 shakes, but will it be ok after all this time? (about 6 hours!) I'd re-blend it as it's separated slightly...
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I've still got the bag all mine came in and it says to drink within 15minutes of mixing. Although if i'm completely honest I can't see why. It's only water and powder? maybe it's because it seperates like you've said.

I also don't see that theres any active ingredients in it that would stop being active etc after the 15mins etc :confused:

At the end of the day though its entirely up to you. I hope that i've helped a little?:)


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I'm a total hound, and would deffo drink that Bren. Out of date stuff means nothing to be. The human race survived for millenia on bluemould stuff with dirt and twigs hanging off it. My advice to anyone else would be not to though. ;)

I'm sure that has helped a lot. :D

What did you do?
I did drink it - and it was fairly revolting!! I can definitely recommend drinking it within 15 mins as advised - I suspect that advice to more to do with taste than anything else! Yeurch!


Here we go again!
You have to drink the shakes within 15 minutes of making them up cos else you lose all the nutrients and stuff in them that our bodies need. You're braver than me Bren, I would have chucked it down the sink!!
My pharmacist said that the nutrients are not actually affected by leaving it. I know the bag says 15 mins, but it can be longer if made into a mousse, and of course people do things such as freeze the shakes.

It really wasn't tasty though - I don't advise people try leaving them!!


Here we go again!
I don't think your pharmacist is right on that one Bren. I was told last year that the nutrients and good stuff are water soluble so that's why they have to be drunk within 15 mins. The varying advice we get on this is amazing! You're not supposed to freeze or boil the sachets either apparently.

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