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How long do you think...

i think the guideline is a stone a month if you stick to it 100%... i reckon if you stick at it you will do it:)


maintaining since June'09
You should be able to do that if you stick to it 100% x


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Oh crumbs!!
Can I do it for 10 months in a row????? Someone I know who was on it a while ago says she was recommended to have breaks every so often. I couldn't find any information like that on the LT website and the pharmacist didn't mention it.



maintaining since June'09
Not heard of LTers having to have breaks - I think they might do it differently on the Cambridge or/and others but as far as I know we can just carry on. For a definitive answer give LT a ring. x


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Thanks Jan :) I might do that,

but I'm a bit daunted about the amount of weight and the time it will take me to do that anyway.

I guess though I didn't suddenly get very overweight. It's a bit ridiculous of me to think I can suddenly get slim and healthy. :D

I'm looking forward to some time in my life when I'm not obsessed with food.


maintaining since June'09
Give it a couple of weeks - there's nothing like TFRing to break that obsession! xx


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just try the diet and see how you get on it does seem like miles away when you first start you think the weight will never go but just giv it time dont cheat and try sum exercise 2 ive found this has helped me


Here we go again!
Hi Justforme. I think if you stick to this 100% you will easily lose all that weight. I've been doing this for exactly 5 months today (phew!!!) and have now lost just under 7 stones. You can easily get to your goal by your holiday. Where you going?

Good luck and that weight will soon be falling off you.
Hi Lorra, I'm planning to be on TFR for about 10 months too. the pharmacist just said that there shouldnt be a problem with being on it that long but as time goes on they may monitor me more closely, blood pressure and stuff.

its very daunting but 2 weigh ins so far and 18lb down is very motivating!! Good luck xxx
It will take you about 3 months or thereabouts. Good luck, darling!
Iv decided I'll do 12 weeks.....it seems such a long time but if i look at it in 2 week chunks it doesnt seem so daunting!

I know im going to get lots of support as i know im going to struggle.....but i'll get there in the end:D


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Thanks sarah. Well done on your weight loss so far. :D

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