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how long does a cdc meeting last?


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Yep about 15 mins for me too x


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that will be past my bedtime!! ha. ah well. he's decided he wants to bring his portable dvd player and watch the beginning of a film so apparently i have the length of 'the one' if i need it. *sigh* no doubt i'll be forced to watch the rest of it when we get home... hee.

abz xx
My first session with my lovely CDC was about and hour and a half, after that I was there about 1/2 an hour each time.
Guess it depends on any questions you have etc

Good luck :)


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thanks :) can you tell i don't know what to do with myself until i get there? ha.

i haven't told my mum i'm doing it. i want it to be a surprise. haven't told many people actually because of what they might think. am really looking forward to going back to denmark to see my OH's folks though because i should have lost the majority of my weight by then if not all of it :D

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Blinking ages! She can talk for England. There's now nothing I don't know about her family, co-workers, friends and patients :rolleyes:


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15 mins first one is say 20 mins to half hour
first one was ages more than an hour, and at least a half hour per visit, and I usually just want to collect/weigh and run LOL


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My first session with clients lasts 45mins to an hour .... depending how much they talk too! After that 20 - 30mins. I do have clients who drop in get weighed pick up diet and run ... after they've paid! but they are few and far between!


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well mine was about 40mins i think. and it was swordfish thomas started watching so i had to endure the end of that when we got home. not that i mind. hugh jackman *drools* :D

abz xx
I allow 45 mins to an hour for the first appointment, depending on how much the client knows about Cambridge and allowing time for any questions they may want to ask.
Subsequent appointments I allow half hour slots. Like Beverley, some use all the time, others pick up packs and run! :D

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