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How long does it take to loose weight on CD SS?

Thats amazing, was you on sole source that whole time? Well done!! I hope i can do that well
Thats really amazing, i worried that i wont make it for two weeks
If you stick to this and you WILL!!! you can expect to lose around 12-14 pound per month-fact

Men lose a lot quicker ive seen on here and taller people!!! lol

Im 5'4 and it took me not including holidays where i came off SS.. 7 months to lose almost 7 stone. i was bout 3 pound off. Started at 17 stone 9 and got down to 10'12


reaching my goal
Wow mrsessex what a great loss !
Well ive lost 21lbs in total doing vlcd . I did exante for 4 weeks and lost 20lbs then i gave up and gained 11lbs in 4 weeks! so im doing cd diet and ive lost 12lbs in my 1st week so im back to 21lbs lost .
First time round I lost 3 stone in 3 months , had a 10 week break and now restarted. I only gained 4 lb which were lost again within a day of being back on CD. The first days are the hardest but you can do it and it's amazing to see the results.
OMG you have all done so well, i have my first weigh in tomorrow night and i am so excited. You have all given me so much inspiration.
I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks 2 years ago, when I came off I put up a half stone which I expected and kept it at that until a medical issue involving medication played havoc with my metabolism and ended up piling on 18 lbs in 3 weeks which I have found impossible to shift and even though I am off the medication, I've been still putting on, so with 2 st up and no success with other diets, I came back to shift that 2 stone and the 1 stone or so that I didnt bother with last time :)

This time around I am 2.5 weeks into the diet, with the first stone gone so well on the way to acheiving my target :)

Best of luck with your WI tonight :)

Hey there I noticed u just started this month??? Im cofused with the dates on here and when things have been posted haha, im on my 5th day now I feel great, my weigh in is on saturday, its hard going but already feels like it's worth it, with us both starting around the same time I thought we could share our success along the way, good luck hun xxx

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