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How long does sw rice pud keep?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by prettykins, 30 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. prettykins

    prettykins Full Member


    I made some Sw rice pudding on Monday and made way too much, so I now have a massive tub in the fridge.
    Does anyone know how long it's safe to keep it for? I've heard rice can be a bit funny with being reheated etc

    Thanks x
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Yep you do have to reheat rice well as you can get food poisoning if it's not hot when reheated.

    Generally I keep things 3 days then bin it, but it's up to you, was the milk fresh that you used?
  4. prettykins

    prettykins Full Member

    Thanks for the reply. I used fresh milk , will be 3 days tomor so will prob throw it out and make less next time :) x
  5. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I know SW isn't about weighing but I usually weigh my rice, pasta & couscous just so I don't have any waste;)
  6. prettykins

    prettykins Full Member

    I'll definately weigh next time because I wasted loads lol x
  7. muppsy

    muppsy Full Member

    Hi, would you mid sharing your rice pudding recipe ? Thanks
  8. prettykins

    prettykins Full Member

    Hi muppsy

    I didn't really use a recipe ( I probably should next time!). I just guestimated the amounts. I used aborio rice as couldn't find any pudding rice, and it works just as well. I boiled the kettle and added that, kept it boiling for a few mins, then simmering for about 20 mins. Also added a small amount of milk, and about a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and some candarel.
    There's loads of recipes around for Sw rice pud if you google it x
  9. Mrs Mc

    Mrs Mc Full Member

    I remember there was a recipe where you boiled rice and mixed in a syn free yoghurt too? Does anyone have a recipe for that?

  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    SW now consider pudding rice made with water as a tweak, I did have it this morning though for breakie!!! I just used pudding rice, added sweetener, water & then boiled until cooked & added a ff yogurt to make it taste better.;)
  11. muppsy

    muppsy Full Member

    Great thanks, I'm going to try make it again this eve and hopefully it'll taste nice ?
  12. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    I make it by boiling pudding rice in diet cream soda, adding a little vanilla essence and mixing in ff vanilla yoghurt once it's cooled, it's actually really nice!
  13. blue_72

    blue_72 Member

    Always salivate when someone says they make this with diet cream soda. Nowhere near me seems to sell it though :(

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