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How long has it taken you and how much have you lost so far. :)

I have lost 1lb under 5 stonne and I am in my 9th week, but it has been such a great loss as I have so much too loose, but you should aim for about 1 stonne a month.

Good Luck, it will be hard but I promise you it is sooooo worth it x x x


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Been on LP 9 weeks and have lost 2lb off 4 stones, I love this diet...IT ROCKS!!! :D:D
irish laura, that sound fantastic, im about 15.10 and want to be about 9 and a half im getting married next year and im picking up my weding dress on monday , it is an ian stuart and it is a size 12, im a 20 now
irish laura, that sound fantastic, im about 15.10 and want to be about 9 and a half im getting married next year and im picking up my weding dress on monday , it is an ian stuart and it is a size 12, im a 20 now
Honey from what you have said, it sounds to me like you have all the motivation that you need.

If you want to fit into that size 12 bad enough then you will succeed.

Anytime you need a shoulder, there is always one of us about on here.

Dont give up x x x
thanks that is so nice, i know its going to be hard as i have 4 kids and a fiance to feed everyday, and its not like i can go out cos the little ones are really litttle and need help to eat they are all 9, 4 , 2 and 1 xx
Honey at the start, being around food actually helped me, the first day or two is hard then it helps, as if you are away from food it feels unnatural, though if you are cooking etc there is still food in your life, does that make any sense what so ever??
Hello and welcome to the forum and to lipotrim. It is tough at first but once you get into the swing of it the weight does just drop off. I still cook for OH and it doesn't bother me at all, so you may find that easier than you think once you get past the first week or two.

I have lost 5st 10lbs over 17 weeks and the main tip I would give a newcomer is no matter what don't cheat, all that does is make it more difficult. As Laura has said there is always someone around if you need any help.

Good luck, you will be a beautiful slim bride if you stick with us x


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S: 13st8lb C: 13st8lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello and welcome, the first week is the toughest, do as little as possible!

I've lost 23 pounds in six weeks. ;)

Good Luck :D
god, thanks you lot, im really getting ready, im picking up my stuff tom and they told me to eat as normal in the morning so im not sure to start at lunch time or on friday? what is your opinion
S: 15st11lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 3st12lb(24.43%)
I have lost 30.7lbs and it has taken me 4 weeks!!! I am extremely active so it just shows how awful my diet was before LT!!!!

good luck with your journey I will not pretend it is easy but it is well worth it


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I started lipotrim first thing in the morn, had a really nice comfort meal the night before as a farewell to food. dunno if it will have any adverse effect if you start at lunch after having a breakfast, but if I were you I'd start friday and enjoy everymeal tomoro :D

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I am on my 2nd week so have only had 1 weigh in, I lost 12lbs in 6 days!!


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Hello there and a very warm welcome to you!

I am currently in the middle of week 14 and have lost 3 stone 4lbs (officially at my weekly WI)- I have suffered from some low losses in the past couple of weeks- but here's hoping Monday is a better day! You will find it difficult at the start, but my advice would be to stick with it as all the rubbishness at the start is more than made up when you see the scales heading in the downwards direction! :D

Good luck and make sure you come on here to let us know how you are getting on! xxx
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Hi Gemsie and welcome, a size 12 wedding dress will defo keep you focused!!!!

I've been on LT for 24 weeks and have lost 100lb (7st 2lb) with another 2st to shift! My losses have really slowed down now but I hope to be at my target by Christmas. I am so close now that there is no way I plan to give up now.

At first I did find cooking quite hard, fortunately my eldest is now 16 and did the tea on several occasions. It wasn't long before I found I had no problem with food and now enjoy cooking for the children and my other half, especially baking cakes and cookies. I have become a bit of a sniffer though - I love to smell food but don't get tempted!

Hang in there babe.


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