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How long on SS

Hi Busy

If you want to continue doing SS and not have AAMW you need authorisation from a doctor. Why don't you want to do AAMW, alot of people feel worried about it but it is actually quite nice to have something to eat and it doesn't affect your weight loss.



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I don't want to undo all the good work and also I am a bit confused about what I can eat. I am so busy with work etc that I am worried that if it is too much hassle I will slip. What happens to the people that come off SS for a week and then go back on it again, do they have to get permission from a doctor?
hi busybee, have aamw it does help. i find no loss difference if i aam or ss. just stick to the diet and you will be fine:)
Im The Same As U And Dont Want To Do Aam .i Just Know Once I Start To Eat I Wont Stop .i Start My 5th Week This Week And As I Cheated On Week 2(kept Eating Cabage Lettuce Celery ) Have Postponed My Aam Till Week 6 .when I Hope To Be More Confident .but Will Listen To Advise From My Cdc On My Weigh In As She Will Have Had Many Peeps Who Have Done This Before Xxxx


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Thanks Lisa, did you find all the help on the CD website for the AAM - So in theory when I go for my weigh in tomorrow they should insist I go on the AAM week - this will be interesting, I will put money on it that they don't.


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Hi Mandy,
I think I will do the same, I will postpone it until next week as I have had TOTM this week and I have been feeling bloated and the water has not come easy this week - I feel like there is another SS week in there :)
yes the site is great but my counsellor is fantastic. You should really be on aam and my counsellor has always insisted or i would of have to gone to my gp to get it signed.
AAMW is a really important part of CD and if you stick with the plan you will be fine. I kept it really simply and had cottage cheese with some cucumber so easy to fit in round your life.

the whole point of aam is to help you learn to control your portion sizes and is aimed and getting you back into eatin again without going mad, I know it's hard as I am a lover of huge portions myself but the only way this diet will work is if we follow it properly and that means having the aam when it's due

the losing weight is the easy bit but it's the control we all have to learn that is the hardest part, so please don't skip aam, it's vital
so true Rachelina, my trigger is boredom ie after a busy day the come down can be quite boring and then I turn to food. With SS I am able to control things much better - I like this control, I know you are all right but I am really worried. Thanks for your advise but I know my CD Leader will not be as informative.
Your feelings are completely natural Busy, I was terrified about AAMW but had no problems sticking to it and getting back into SS afterwards, second time round I really looked forward to it.

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Agree with Georgie here. It is important. Not just for health reasons, but for the head stuff too.

A lot is in the perception/attitude to it. If you approach it with "OMG, I get to eat...OMG..food...I'm never going to control this", then you'll probably find it tough. AAM is no big deal, try not make it one;)

Remember, you are eating already. You have food. You may even have bars which means you are chewing on something.

If you're worried about preparation time, yes, stick to something like cottage cheese. Really worried about eating it and wanting more? Then stick the cottage cheese in your smoothie (tastes nice) and treat like an SS day. You could always chomp the bit of cucumber on the way up to bed;)

Just until you get over the fear.

Do be prepared though. Get it ready beforehand. You might think that you haven't got time etc, but you will have to do this at some point. You just get a tiny little glimmer into the future.

This is your chance to practice facing the food, yet still be in ketosis so you don't have the hunger to deal with at the same time. We all need as much practice at that bit as possible before goal arrives.
thanks Karion, I know what you are saying makes sense but I just need to make some adjustments inmy head - I don't want to slip. I knew this was never going to be easy trying to lose the weight but thank you for your words of encouragement.
regards Liz:thankyou:
Hi Busybee,

With my GP's permission I did my whole 20 weeks on SS and lost 6 stone between LL and CD. I did not break SS once so I was keen not to do add a meal and dilute my efforts! However, some people do find AAM very helpful so good luck with whatever you do!
MY CDC said it was up to me whether I did AAM week or not as hers had said to her when she was on CD - but I chose to do it because I thought it would help speed up my metabolism and prevent me from plateau-ing (is that a real word?).

I've noticed posts that say you have to get permission not to do AAMW from your GP and was just why people who don't intend to AAM bother to mention it to their CDC at all. I mean how would your CDC or GP know whether you have added a meal anyway?

18 years ago I was on CD and never added a meal at all but I believe I suffered greatly for it as when I did start to eat solid food again I had crippling pains in my organs and great difficulty in eating. Never again! This time around I'm doing it by the book as the diet has been written by people with far more knowledge of nutrition and the body that I have.
Sweetpea, I am now eating again and had no problems as I reintroduced slowly and am eating low GI. I've had no pain and all the symptoms I had during SS eg dizzyness, cold and constipation, have all gone. Thank goodness!
Thank you Sweetpea for your great advise - I have kept on with SS this week as when I asked my CD leader she said I can keep on with it if I wanted to. I am really not ready to stop SS, i have another 3 stone to lose and I believe that if I AAM I will undo the good work, I possibly won't but in my head there is a battle going on and the stronger side is saying stay with SS.
I am such a wally at times and I know I am too hard on myself but this weightloss lark is very important to me - big hugs to you
Sweetpea, I am now eating again and had no problems as I reintroduced slowly and am eating low GI. I've had no pain and all the symptoms I had during SS eg dizzyness, cold and constipation, have all gone. Thank goodness!

your weightloss is brilliant, how long did you take to lose 87lbs?
Busybee - Personally I would do the AAM week, I had a lot more weight to lose than you do and I still did the AAM week. I believe it helped kick my metabolism back into gear after 4 weeks of SS'ing. I've now done 2 AAM weeks, I just try to keep the portions boring so i'm not really tempted to go overboard. Even on the AAM weeks i'm consistenly losing about 8-10lbs every 2 weeks

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