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How long till u started???

I had to wait for 2 months to start. I didn't mind too much as it was over the school holidays and I wasn't 'in the zone' then. Also the thought that I would be slim by christmas kept me going!
OMG I know how you feel!! I was the same I have been waiting about 6 weeks and I start next week. It is so frustrating and I was getting really fed up. I emailed my LC after 2 weeks and she just said I dont have a start date ill let you know as soon as I can. then I emailed her again and heard nothing so I went to bed on the monday night and said if I didnt hear from her the next day i was calling the Head Office but I got a txt that night with my start date.

I feel that her communication could have been much better, didnt even explain why I had to wait so long. I think she waiting for a full class!

It is so annoying cause I feel like I could be half way through the journey by now, well at least thru the beginning. Its hard when your on here and everyone has started but on the other hand this forum has kept me wanting to do!

Keep patient your turn will come! Im off out for dinner tonight with the fmaily for the last time before I start! By the time you get the start date you will be so ready for it!


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I feel quite lucky then. I went to my info session last Tuesday night. Got appointment with GP and form signed Wednesday morning and started my first week of foundation last Wednesday evening.

B x
I was quite lucky too, i waited two weeks and i start tomorrow. But the wait will be worth it, after reading everyone's losses. It seems it dont take forever to see some results, which i cant wait for...
Make the most of solid food, because you will miss it! My husband is missing food but he is dealing with it and seems to be coping well.

Goodluck to you when you start;)
OK i really want to start LL now im getting so fustrated its been like 4 weeks and im getting to the point where im getting really annoyed! Went out today and brought myself a blender just so i felt like the diet was getting closer!!!:( i wanna start!
I was also one of the lucky ones; I went to an information meeting on a Wednesday and then started the plan 4 days later on the Sunday. Have you been given a start date?
I had to wait nearly a month. I know what you mean about frustration. It's like as soon as you make the decision to do the programme, you want it to start straight away. Have you got a start date yet? Do you think you need to look for a nother local LLC to see if there are any other groups starting sooner?


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I had about 4 weeks to wait - was really frustrating, I spent nearly all my time on here to stay focused!! I made the most of the four weeks and ate anything and everything, hehe - not particularly sensible, but it was good fun!! Lol. If I was doing it again, i'd cut out carbs around a week before (a la Atkins) to get you into ketosis - you'll have a great first week loss that way and have fewer withdrawal symptoms! :D xx
I was very lucky went to my information evening on the Monday and started the follwing Tuesday.
Hope you get there!!
Emailed by llc (think she may be gettin sick of me im emailing her every week) but she has said they are meeting next monday to discuss a start date. I know my class is gonna start on a tuesday night so im hoping they meet monday and deside to start the next day....i can hope! i just feel i wanna start now while im still high and motivated.

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