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How long to drop a dress size?

I'm in my 5th week of SS and have lost 23 lb's, and have gone from a tight size 18 to a comfy size 18.

How long did it take others to drop their first dress size. I was hoping to be in a size 16 for the end of March, but I'm doubting whether I'll be able to do it, as I've not lost that much size despite loosing a stone and a half?

So can I get down to a 16 in 4 weeks?
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I was wondering that i think it also depends on your height!!!! I was a 24 and just getting back into some of my larger size 22s and have lost a stone.....
I was in a tight 22 when I started, then managed to get into some smaller 22 jeans that didn't fit after a week. I'm currently wearing a pair of size 18's from tesco and I think they may run large, but hey I'm not complaining :D.


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All of a sudden you will drop a size. I was a tight 24 when i started and it seemed to take forever to get into 22's but now all of a sudden 20's are getting to big and i've not been in them long. Keep at it you'll be in 16's before you no it. x x

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I found that it took 2 stone to move me from a size 24 to a size 22. Then another 2 stone to take me from there to a size 18. But then only half a stone to a size 16 and another half a stone to a size 14.....

....I guess it just depends on the person. I know someone who is a stone and a half heavier than me, shorter than me and in a size smaller than me....:confused:

I reckon, if you can get a stone off by the end of March, a 16 shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks everyone.

I'll stick at it and if I can lose another stone by the end of March (4 weeks) then hopfully I'll see some movement in size.


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I've gone from 22/20 to 14/16/18 in 7 1/2 weeks.Ithink it deepends were you buy your clothes from.
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I've lost 2 stone altogether, and I haven't dropped a size yet! I posted last week about my depression regarding clothes shopping, I can't keep my old size 16 trousers up, yet I couldn't get any past my knees in the shops!

I have lost loads of inches too, and I look slimmer, so hopefully it will all just drop off at the same time.

Good luck and keep us posted, I daren't go shopping again until I'm confident I can get into at least a 16, its too disheartening!

Theresa x


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well i am 5'2
at 12 stone i was wearing 16/18s
at 11 stone i was in 12/14s
at 10stone in 10/12s
my target is 9stone and that MIGHT mean 8s : )
I'm 5'7" and was in size 18's at 15 stone, ize 18's at 14 stone, am curently 13stone 7 and STILL in a size 18.

I guess I'll have to be 12 stone something to stand any chance of being a size 16. It's just that I go away at the end of the month and all my summer clothes are in a 16 and I can't afford/be bothered to go out and buy loads of size 18 summer bits that I'll only need for 2 weeks.

I guess I'll have to do some situp's and jogging again, and hope that does the trick!


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I do think it is to do with height....I am just under 6ft :eek: and its been said that if you are taller you can carry weight better....however I am finding that its a couple of stones per dress size when shrinking......what doesn't help is the confusing/differing sizes from shop to shop.
I am currently 18st 2lbs and a size 18 on top and an 18/20 on the bottom!
In theory (following the pattern) I may be a size 16 at 16st, size 14 at 14st (my goal weight and size)
I follow the BMI out of curiosity...however the charts say 13st will put me at BMI approx 25......I'll see how I feel when I get to goal?

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