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How long to leave system?!

Hey everyone

Hope everyones well :)

I went out for a meal tonight and didn't take the alli (I had earlier in the day sort of 4-5hrs prior) but I've had some awful side effects! Only just made it home on time but still got caught short!

I wasn't anticipating this bc I didn't take the pill.

Any ideas?! Xx
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Oh right so it prob is the alli then! I thought perhaps my body had gone wrong lol xx
Def tango effect!! Which I wasn't expecting :( but was surprised bc I hast taken the alli!! Xx


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out of interest, what did you eat? x


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The tablet stays in your system for up 72 hours, which is why a lot of people have to stop the tablets 3 days before any sort of holiday or weekend feast.
Ah ok fair enough! Well I went to a buffet and had salad and chicken (with pot salad so Mayo and had a dressing), a small portion of korma and some popadums but I did have a couple of pastry desserts as well. So I did have lots of naughty off plan foods but it was my family celebration of my 21st so felt I deserved a treat!! But apparently the alli disagreed!! Xx


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Rachgleeson said:
take no notice of the alli, you definitely deserved a treat!! The food #sounds lovely, no way i would of refused any of that lol
Of course you deserve a treat . Despite what we women believe we are only 21 once ;0)
Yes its true only once lol but now I'm dreading wi on Monday Deary me!! Xx

Kay C

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just read with interest, as I am planning on not taking xenical over the weekend as its my birthday on Friday and I will be having dinner out with my husband and son and am having friends round for a barbecue on Saturday, so I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have any more tablets this week in order to get the xen out of my system, fingers crossed it will be ok, and I will be back on the straight and narrow come Monday
Yea def unless you wanna risk it :s xx

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