How long to lose 4 stone..


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CD say you will lose a stone per month! But depending on your weight and height that might differ. On your first week you always lose more too! I would say about 3 1/2 months if u stick to it 100% :) but everyone is different xx


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About a stone a month is a good target.

So well under a yr!!


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I'd say 3 1/2 months too.... keep the water up nice and cold ...


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Depends a bit on your starting weight too.

If you've already got a BMI of less than 30, then you'll lose weight more slowly than someone who's got a BMI of 40.

But in any case, well under a year. Three to six months, tops - if (and it's that killer if!) you can stick to the plan.


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If you are a man you'll lost it faster too - even if you stick to the higher plan you've been advised to do.


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Yes I would say around 3 1/2 months too