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How long to target ?

I'm really excited !

I've sat and worked out this morning how long its going to take me to reach target.

My main aim is to get to 9 1/2 stone and here's what I've found.

If I lose 2lbs a week its going to take me till 06.01.09
If I lose 3lbs a week its going to take me till 07.10.08
If I lose a mix of 2 and 3lbs its going to take me till 11.11.08

I've decided today that I need to get excersise incorporated EVERY day into my life again.

I've also decided this morning that you have to love the journey you're on, in order for it to be sucessful. I'm currently loving SW and the way it just fits into my life perfectly. It allows for the human in all of us to slip up occasionally.

This thread may sound a bit "yay me" but no one else is going to cheer for me so I thought I'd blow my own trumpet a little this morning.

p.s. Its the thought of Taz's party that spurred my little brain into action. It just goes to show how others thoughts/posts affect us. Woohoo !
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I enter my weight losses weekly on the SW website and out of interest last week I looked to see when it projected I reach my target and mines the 11th of October - so thats around the same time as you. I think it helps having a goal like that to aim for. It really isnt that long away is it xxx


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Keep blowing that trumpet, you deserve to. Glad I could inspire you, now I just have to hope I can lose the weight in time!
You all deserve to blow your trumpet....if it makes you feel better who gives a sh*t what anyone else thinks!

I should work mine out but because my weight loss seems to fluctuate do much i wouldnt have a clue where to start!

Ruthy xxx
Put your details into the SW website Ruthy and it does it for you! easy peasy xxx
It does but if you fluctuate loads then it gives up!
Ha - not very encouraging of it then is it!! It worked ok for me - but that'll be cos Im a steady Fred with my losses, and have had no gains or STS's (touch wood it stays that way) xxx
Exactly thats what i tried and when i typed in that i had gained my laptop shut down as punishment Pmsl!

Ah the joys of being fat! ;)

Ruthy xxx
Time 2 target!! lets see:cry: maybe Jan 2010 lol the way I am going up down up down. I need to kick my ass, i go to class every week so what is the point of paying and not getting very far eh?? Anyway enough of my moaning guys i will stop feeling sorry 4 myself and get my act into gear.Gonna go for a red day today with lots of speed fruits. yummy..xxx

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