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how long will i be cold!!!!!!

gosh i know i live in the north and i thought i was made of stern stuff but its my 1st day of ketosis and i cant feel my feet(got fluffy socks on) or my hands,i have done a hot water bottle 6 times today and have carried everwhere even when sitting on the loo,does it go or is this the feeling till i lose the 3 stone, everyone else in the house is saying they are warm ,and they wont let me put the fire on ha ha ,tell me like it is please angie x
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I dont normally use hot water bottles, but while I have been in ketosis I have two in bed every night. I'm freezing cold unless I am doing something energetic like walking or gardening, then I sweat like billyo and go red!
I dont mind though, coz it means I'm getting thinner!
Lynne x
i have had to get the hottie bottle off hubbys mam as i did not own one,and have never needed one hubby keeps me warm,but he is telling me to get off as i am freezing cold,i want the heaating on but the sun is out and it look lovely.
i was frozen for weeks before moving to 1000 i'm afraid hon. and even on that i'm cold!! my OH used to scream in an oh so manly way if my feet happened to touch him in the morning after 8 hours of double socks and duvet...

abz xx
i cant even spell properly cos my hands are cold.
kettles just boiled hot bottle number 7 on its way ha ha
ooooooo thats nice,on my knees now better go and warm my hand speak soon angie x


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi soola, i'm in wk 4, and am constantly cold, i am always wrapped in the sofa blankets, fluffy socks and slippers!! even having hot shakes doesn't make much difference! oh well it's worth it...i keep having to tell myself!!!



escaping the fat
It doesnt get better. I remember last june time and being over a park with my kids. Other people were in t shirts, I had a thick wooly fleece on and still felt cold.
is there a scientific reason why we are cold why why why,is it cos our bodys are burning that much fat ,it cant heat us ?? anyone
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i`m always being moaned at because i`ve got fire on full.
today i went for a bike ride in rollneck top, big fleece, massive woolly scarf wrapped around my face, thick gloves & after an hours ride i was still freezing, i was getting very starnge looks from anyone riding past............lol
buffy just think of the shock everyone will get when you peel all the woolies of and a georgous thin you emerges,like a butterfly,(sorry to be so twee,its not me it the blood*y ketosis its sending me soft,i am going mushy the total opposite of me,i will be changing my avatar to kittens and ribbons next ha ha)
Try a hot bath - I keep topping it up with hot water!!!!! And I live with a fleecy blanket and thick wooly socks - fortunately my classroom is an oven so that suits me - the kids are sweating in t shirts and I still have a fleece on!!!
Thank god its not just me then because I have feeling the cold for weeks! Like you all Ive got thick socks, about 5 layers on and constantly moaning that the heating should be on. I even lit a fire the other afternoon and my family thought I had lost the plot. I mentioned to my CD and apparantly it is a definate side effect! xxx
i am celebrating the wonder of mother nature today,it has now rained for 9 hours solid so at 6.30 this morning i put the heating on,and at the moment my house is like florida was in june on my hols,in fact i have just took my socks off,but dont tell anyone or they will want the heating off ha ha

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