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How long ...


"The Stig" Pig
(oo-er to the title :giggle:)

was it before you started to SEE results? I know I'm being extremely impatient and I've only been at it 3 weeks but I can't see any difference at all :( I'm still all flubby and wobbly (I can hear the husband shout at me "You've just had your 3rd baby woman be patient and give yourself a break!" but we tell him to hush :D). My poochy, overhanging bit under my belly button has shrunk a bit (1.5"-2") but I can't SEE it :( I'm hoping by the time I've lost a stone I'll be able to notice it but I'm just worried incase I can't :sigh: I want to banish my 40 chins forever!!!
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I could definately see the difference after I had lost 3.5 stones, other people (who dont know I am dieting) after 5 stone. I have had lots of comments these past few weeks, some negative (from so called friends :rolleyes:) but loads of positive comments :D

But then again, I started a lot heavier than you, so I dont think you will have to wait until you have lost as much as me before you get comments :p But you will get them :)

I have found that a new outfit/hairstyle when you have dropped a dress size will usually induce comments


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I've lost just over a stone in 8 weeks and over the last week several people have commented on my weight loss.

I noticed with my clothes about 2 or 3 weeks ago - managed to comfortably get into stuff that are a size smaller that I'd not been in since last summer.

Keep at it hun - so far you're doing great.


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I noticed after about a stone or so - though would be inclined to agree with your OH - cut yourself a little bit of slack!


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when i did sw the first time round before baby i would notice after loosing a stone generally one stone is a dress size but it varies for people i have to loose more to go down a size on the bottom as i have a big bum, i hate my tummy now after having a baby - i put 5 and half stone on so very saggy skin, once i have lost a stone i'm going to start pilates and swimming to tone and it take it easy as my tummy muscles are very weak after a section. i've been back on plan 3 weeks and lost half a stone but not really noticed yet x


"The Stig" Pig
I'm hoping to start proper exercise again soon too! I tried to do the dvd's at home but I kept bleeding (sorry if TMI), plus I'm getting bored of them as they're all so samey and I have a few of them :( . Waiting to find out what's happening with Hubby's bonus from work and then hopefully getting a gym membership so I can get swimming and pilates/yoga and maybe even, GULP! a body combat class. Hopefully I'll start to see results after I get off my derrier and do some exercise.


"The Stig" Pig
Well done on everyones losses so far, they're fab!!

Sarah, how old is your little one?



"The Stig" Pig
He'll be 10 weeks on Tuesday :) He's getting so big already *sniff*

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