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How Long...


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how long does it take to be able to tell your losing weight when you look in the mirror...

i started cd last tuesday at 18st3lbs and my scales say i've lost 10lbs (official weigh in tomorrow)...

but when i look in the mirror i still see the same???

anyone lost and noticed?
how much do you need to lose to see a difference? :eek::p:eek:
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I think it varies for everyone but for me it was at least 2.5 stone, my clothes felt looser almost immediately but I couldn't see a difference. A good trick is to take a before pic and then some more as you progress as sometimes looking at them side by side shows the difference and keeps you motivated.

I lost about seven stone ten years ago and one of the main reasons I put it back was that I couldn't convince myself that I could see any difference. This time I've lost about 3st so far on SS and I'm relying on the scales, my clothes and people I see every couple of weeks to tell me I'm losing well. Don't fall into the trap that I fell into.
I think about 2 stone but even now after loosing 5 stone and a peanut I'm still having trouble seeing it myself. I notice the difference in fitness, clothes etc. but after having been so big for so long I don't really "see" it if you know what I mean. Friends and family and people around me keep me straight though by telling me on a daily basis almost how much I've lost and how much that changes the way I look.
I think I'll always see myself as huge and therefor I will always have some demons to fight...the fight is just much easier if you feel lighter and healthier..

God I waffle sometimes...

hun ive lost about 20lbs and i cant really tell by looking in mirror but my clothes feel great and other people say i look great so i know how u feel but im not bother that much as my clothes feel great on and so do i.

i wouldnt worry about it just wait im sure ull notice soon xx


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I think sometimes it can depend on how big you are to start off with, i guess just speaking personally. My starting weight was 18st 4lbs and its only this week that i can really begin to see a difference at 2 stone down. However, I had DP take some photos, just as a record of my journey, and i found it quite disheartening as i still look huge :( I'm waiting (impatiently) for my CDC to email me my before pics so i can compare & hopefully the difference WILL be noticeable. I can see the difference in my face though and my clothes are hanging off me, so visible or not i know i AM shrinking lol


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I can see my tummy looks a tad flatter but the main difference is is my clothes...my waist bands feel loose instead of snug.
It depends on the person, I lost 8st between LL & CD, still felt fat and had another 4st to go, I put nearly all of the 8st back on, looked at a photo of me at my smallest and realised what I'd done.

Believe people when they say you are looking slimmer and give your head anough time to catch up with your body.
i noticed after week one my size 26 jeans were falling of me literally. other than that i cant notice a thing..oh my double chin seems to have disappeared. i guess it is diff for everyone though

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