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How long.........


Here we go again!
I've almost done 8 weeks now (phew) but think I will stay on it for another 3-4 months. I have a lot to lose unfortunately but determined to do it. Just got to see how it goes and take one day at a time!


One last chance
I've been on for 13 weeks and I plan to be on for 3 more months. Hopefully I'll be able to reach target before the 31st May.
This is my 8th wk. Ill refeed for a holiday on the 5th April was hoping to get to goal by then but dont think i will so might do it for a month or so when i get back!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Im same as Chelly - this is my 5th week but i plan to be on it untill 19th june - break for a holiday then back on untill 3rd of august :)
this is my 4th week wi tomorrow, need to lose another 3 stone so am aiming for june, but got holidays in between which will bugger it up.


My husband = My hero
im in week 6... refeeding in 2 weeks for my 21st, then back on for 2 an a half weeks, then refeed to go t obarcelons for mine an wifeys 1 year anniversary and join 21st birthdays...

then back on it to loose hopefully only another stone and a half but will have to see hwo much i eat in Barca hahah xxxx


Slowly but surely!
I havent even started yet but im giving myself till 23rd may then having 2 weeks refeed then back on till summer!!

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