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How mad is this...?

I just added up last thursdays 'points' - I was actually doing slimming world, and eating my free food etc as normal, was actually a 'good' day for me as I'd only had 5 syns!
Ready for it...
Points value for the day?....

55 :eek: How amazing is that. PROBABLY more actually as I've guestimated some of them as I don't yet have access to a directory, but I reckon i've been kind if anything. Thats why i've been plateauing, I've been having nearly 3 days worth of points in one day!

I've been tempted to do this for a while, but now I've done it, just how mad is that. xxxx
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hi, like you, done sw for a while, with good results, but, stayed the same for ages, changed to ww and have been weighin and measureing everything, doing activity points, and boy have i been shocked when i've compared some of the portion sizes.!!!!
Same maclynn!
Plateau has lasted 6 almost 7 weeks!
Portion sizes do differ its harder on weight watchers you do have to compromise hunger for weight loss more but so far so good :) day 2 within points and lovin it xxxx


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Cor thats mental! Ive never done slimming world, as Im naturally greedy - I know Id eat too much. 55 points blimey, I dont think Ive had that many even when I go on a bender!

Im glad youre enjoying WW and look forward to hearing about all your losses - it worked brilliantly for me for a while but then I started plateauing which I guess is normal on any diet eventually.

Anyhoo, good luck! xx
Mad isnt it??? I was so so shocked seriously! But least i understand why I wasnt losing now :) good luck with getting past the plateau... So annoying arent they?? Hats off to us though for
not giving in
:) xxxx
Oh my gosh that's nuts! Just out of curiosity, can I ask what made up that 55 points? I'm not at all familiar with SW!
Well done on your weight loss so far and good luck with the rest :)
Well..You get upto four 'healthy extras'
a day 2 dairy 2 fibre - those alone came to 13 points (cheese!)
and you get unlimited pasta - i was having 150g dry weight, pasta sauces, 2/3 bananas a day, muller lights sonetimes 3 a day all adds up just felt was grazing constantly
on 'free' food! So not good. Need portion control evidently lol xx


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I've never pointed my previous sw meals but it wouldnt surprise me if mine ended up like yours eddiesmum, cos I stopped losing on sw and even started putting on weight even though I kept to the plan. It felt like I was constantly eating cos it was 'free', I need the discipline and portion control of ww.

Hats off to those who can lose well on sw and can manage their portions I just couldnt do it
Snap vanda. First stone took me about 6 weeks but then even after I'd lost that, the same 2 and 3lbs kept dropping & coming back was crazy and made me so disheartened. I tried sas logs, I tried no syns I tried everything in the end I realised that I needed to go back to Weight watchers, it was tried & tested by me personally previously, dont know why ive wasted the last 3 months! GOOD news is I know I can maintain :-D xx


I want to be fitter again
Me too. SW served me well at the beginning and after 9 months I had slowly but surely lost most of the weight I was aiming for. I didn't try converting my daily SW food like you have done but did enter it into myfitnesspal.com calories. i was eating about 1700 calories a day . . perfect for maintaining (hence plateau). I have now converted my days worth of 16 points into calories and it comes out to between 950 and 1100 calories a day. Perfect for losing weight and that is what is happening. However I am now on day 8 and still very very hungry. I allow 1 point for milk, 2 points for fruit, 3 points for breakfast, 4 points for lunch, 4.5 for dinner and 1.5 for treats.( eating tons of mange tout carrots and cucumber to help fill the gap). may go back to SW for maintenance or even do a month of each ????

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