How many Bars a day?

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  1. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    Is there limit to the number of bars we should have in a day?
    I have been having just one but I have a couple of days on the road next week and was wondering if there was a problem having 2 or three a day.
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  3. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    Hiya W.W

    only one bar is reccommended per day, they are slightly higher in carbs and calories than the packs....Plus having 2 may also give you bad wind or maybe worse, the runs!

    Do you make muffins or crisps? perhaps you could make them beofe you hit the road? :D
  4. Maz

    Maz Member

    Hi geri,

    it says on the packs to drink within 15 mins of making, it that the same when making things like muffins and crisps or do they last longer?

  5. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    Hiya Maz,
    when you make the packs up as either a soup or shake, then they should be drunk within 15minutes. However the crisps and muffins can be made and kept for later. but remember lighterlife reccommend only cooking 1 pack a day, as some of the nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process!

    HTH :p
  6. Maz

    Maz Member

    thanks geri,

    have tried the muffins and they were a disaster but might try the crisps soon
  7. You can only have one bar aday but have you though of for that week buying the Brix as you could have them and they are all made up and easy
  8. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    I make the bar into about 8 biscuits and chomp on them between 12 and 2 simply because I do not want anyone at work to know what I am doing so cannot mix the soup at work or take it in a flask.
    My LLC said 5 bars in the first week, 7 a week from then on.
  9. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    Thanks folks better stick to one a day then for the sake of my colleagues. Might try the crisps . I didn't realise you could keep them longer once made up.
    Do LL do brix ? I didn't see then on my list last week?
  10. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    No lamentably not, we are kind of the cinderellas of the VLCD on lighter life. Naf all choice and no mix a mousse, no briks, no fibre additive and the bars are not as nice as CD either. Good job the counsellings good or I'd be off to CD as fast as my chunky little legs could carry me! LOL
    X C
  11. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    ROFL Heaven! We could do a chunky legs beauty competition on here I'm sure!
  12. SuzyA

    SuzyA Full Member

    Lighter Life
    More than one bar a day

    I asked my counsellor the same thing as I was out all day for a couple of days last week. She told me that they can't guarantee the carbs and nutrition values as they are mixed together like a giant cake and you could potentially have too many carbs that would knock you out of ketosis.

    However she also said realistically this was unlikely and that as a one off, 2 bars a day wouldn't be a massive issue.

    Suzy A
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