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How many calories did you burn at Curves today?

Mark (owner) played some Christmas music today so in some ways I thought I didn't work out so hard.... but I was amazed to find that I burnt 514 calories today

On Wednesday last I burnt 530 calories - a all time high for me.

Friday I still did well with a good 500 calories.

Not bad for half an hour at a time, hey?

Me and a friend are going to a trial session next week and wondered what to expect? I'm not at all fit and have real trouble with my knees so am feeling a bit nervous about joining.

Do you follow the weight management programme at curcesw and how many times do you go a week?
Your club needs to have curves smart in order for you to track your workout results and calories. Its kinda like having your own personal trainer, it will challenge you on each machine at every workout, or can also decrease you, depending on how hard you worked on your last workout. If you are in an alternate day, it will not work you as hard so you can give your muscles time to repair. You need to keep the lights green and make sure your range of motion is correct on each machine. After your workout, you can view your results on the smart kiosk and it will show your targets (PI) on each machine and if you reached it, and also how hard you worked each muscle group comparing to other workouts you have done. It also gives you a total of the amount of calories you have burned. :) xx
Wow that's pretty impressive! I'm taking it from your post that not all curves are fitted with this. Ive been thinking about joining for a while, so I think I'll look into this. Thanks for your help! X
My Curves does have the Smart card thingy.
I normally burn between 350 - 450 cals. Although I am beetroot red, and my hair is soaking with sweat :eek:
I normally try and go 4 times a week... but I am going to aim for 5 this week, just to kick start me, whilst I wait for my Exante to get here.
I will let you all know how I get on tomorrow :D
I have been twice this week so far :D
I think one of the sensors on the arm machine is broken, as yesterday my calories burned was 542 ;)
I know this is not normal for me... and today when I was using it, I kept moving the sensor back, and burned 378 calories, which is more normal for me :)
Just been for my third time this week.
And the sensor on the bri/tri machine is definatley not working properly :(
It was way off the scale !! And as a result my calorie burn was 547.
I did say to the staff again... but they are waiting for someone to come and look at it, so not much more can be done until then.
I guess I will just have to readjust what is normal for me for now.

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