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How many calories

Just wondering how everyone is doing and what calorie allowances you give yourself on an up day

I know you dont have to eat all the calorie allowance on an up day
I think I did (or almost) on my first up day

so what sort of calorie allowance are you giving yourself of your up days I think I will try to stick to about 1500 and see what happens in the first couple of weeks
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I usually have anywhere between 1800-2200, if my weight loss starts slowing I'll cut it down a bit, although from this week I've started exercising on up days so better to have some more cals if you're exercising.
Are u really aloud that many calories! think i mite start this diet lol. how many do u have on your down days?
there is a calculator to work out what you are allowed
but we have 500 on a down day and then the up day is calculated for you - my up day is about 1820

the calculator can be found here
UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan – How to Succeed

the whole idea is to stop you getting bored so a really low day then a high day to look forward to means you are dieting for just half the time
some of the girls are getting fantastic losses
7lb in a month - yes please I'll take that
thanks, im completely shocked! says i can have 2500 on an up day and 700 on a down day! i wouldnt eat 2500 when im not on a diet!!
It's a great plan Kelly! I've been on it just over a month, lost 8lbs in my first month and wi again tomorrow so fingers crossed! It's easy to stick to as the knowing you can have it tomorrow really works, then by the next day you find you don't want whatever it was because you can have it :) No foods are restricted, on up days you eat what you like and on down days you make sure you stick exactly to your cals. They recommend no more than 500 for your first two weeks to activate the SIRT1 gene, although I've stuck with that amount on dds so far.
Just realised your on slimfast. I was on SF before I came onto juddd. Lost 2 stone on it, then stopped losing hence the switch. I found SF great, loved the plan and was quite easy to stick to, I've used it in the past too and lost 3 1/2 stone that time. But juddd is even easier than SF :D
Kelly you should join us
I am a serial weigher and just had to step on the scales today
this is my week so far
slimming world on monday and tuesday but blew it both days
wednesday started JUDDD with a down day
thursday up day
friday medium day
weighed in this morning and I am down 2lb (fluid most likely but hey its a good start) roll on official first weigh on tuedsay morning :)
It sounds like a really good plan coz i think i would wait 1 day for a bit of chocolate or what ever it is a am craving. so for the first 2 weeks u have 500 calories, is that every day or everyother? i will have to do some surching on the net. I tend to stick the a diet for a couple of weeks then get bored and binge so if my diets not that restricted i think i could do it!!
Kelly its 500 cals on the down days up days you can have more
I am having between 1500 and 1800 but others have more
you can go to the upper limit it gives you of 2500 if you want but you dont have to eat them all - they are there if you need them though :)
Yes Kelly a down day (the 500 cals) is every other day, hen the up day you can eat what you like, within reason ie without totally stuffing yourself lol!


Maintaining 7 years
Dr. Johnson's calculator is based on the Harris/Benedict metabolism formula,
which is based on one's sex, height, weight, and age.
However, Harris/Benedict is only an approximation, and many people are 10% to 20% lower (some are even lower).
Harris/Benedict is still the standard formula used...even though it originated around 1920, but it is considered by many Experts to use numbers of energy requirements that are far too high for our modern lifestyle.. which includes: indoor plumbing, refrigerators, gas or electric ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers, tvs, dvds, video games, computers etc in almost every home. Also, now most people drive places much more often than they walk. It takes much less effort to prepare food...and ready-to-eat food is quickly available almost everywhere. All these conveniences not only lower our activity percentages, but mean the average middle-aged woman of today is less muscular than than those of the past, which also serves to lower the Basil Metabolism rate.
Bottom Line, Dr Johnson's calculations for an UP day are far too high for some of us.

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