How many extra propoints?

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  1. MsJoJo

    MsJoJo Full Member

    Hello ladies
    Ive been doing weightwatchers propoints for a couple of weeks and doing well so far. Haven't been to classes but my sister in law bought me the deluxe starter pack with the calculator in it which I used to work out my allowance which was 29 propoints per day. This morning however I discovered I am pregnant (after ttc for 4 1/2 years so bit of a shock, thought it would never happen!). Don't want to lose weight while pregnant but am very keen to limit the amount I gain as my BMI is already 35. Can anybody tell me how many extra points I should be eating to maintain during pregnancy?
    Thanks :)
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    WW dont have a programme to follow during pregnancy :( They dont allow pregnant members on the diet, I think SW is the only one who make allowances for pregnancy
  4. rebecca1608

    rebecca1608 Full Member

    I'm on rosemary conley and they suggest upping calories, so if you know roughly how many points is 2200 calories I would do that.

    I'm 12 weeks preg and managing to sts which is what I want.
  5. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I am propointing I have 48pp a day plus weeklys which works out around 2200cals a day, I'm 24 weeks and only put on 2lbs so far x
  6. xxxjessiexxx

    xxxjessiexxx Silver Member

    I made bacon pesto pasta tortellini with cream for dinner and a massive trife wish I never made the trifle now the pesto is calorific !!!!
  7. kiwi_chick

    kiwi_chick Full Member

    Go to a meeting and explain your situation to a leader. I don't know what the story is in your area, but I worked for WW in NZ and it was absolutely fine for you to do the programme for at least the first part of your pregnancy, as long as you had a letter from your doctor saying he/she was happy for you to do it, and made sure to check in weekly with the leader!
  8. xxxjessiexxx

    xxxjessiexxx Silver Member

    My leader said no I had to leave straight away she wouldn't even weigh me
  9. kiwi_chick

    kiwi_chick Full Member

    Wow, that's strict! Maybe the liability laws are different here?

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