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How many fats and protein on atkins

Hi Everyone, I have recently started Atkins induction but I have not yet received my copy of the book from the library and so have been looking on the internet for information.
My questions are; is there a limit on fats and protein to be consumed on induction? I seem to be eating more protein than fats is this ok? How can I eat more fat if I need to?Many thanks, Debbie
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As much as you want of both fat and protein. Don't worry about counting fat, protein or calories just monitor the carbs! :)

As long as you're having some fat with each meal you should be fine.
65% fat 35% protein!!!! high protein diets can cause kidney problems long term - plenty of fat is required.


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Just to be clear - have checked and this is the proportion of calories from fat and protein NOT by weight. Since the ratio calories to weight is approx double, this means eat approx equal fat and protein by weight to get a 2:1 mix

The important thing is you must have some fat - even if you eat a lot of meat it must include fat. If you are on pure protein (which is actually quite difficult since almost everything has fat in) then it will make your kidneys work hard (which may or may not cause you probs!)
Everyone will think I am gross now BUT. One of the things I miss when low carbing is butter, I used to love buttery sandwiches. So sometimes now when I'm having skinless chicken I slice it thin and spread a little butter on it, just for the taste.

Haven't really done that this time around because of mims, but if you're really not getting much fat it might be an idea if you're also a butter fan.


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You can have as much butter as you want, hun, even on induction - just not the butter blends because they have carbs in them :)
That's not gross! Butter is great. Used to have flora light back in the day of thinking a weight watchers carrot cake was a decent snack.
mmm butter. i was on the atkins fb page the other night and they said 65% fat and 35% protein to avoid kidney problems. maybe they have changed their mind LOL


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The research shows that communities that lived on pure meat/fish diets were fine....but they chose the fatty bits of meat plus offal whcih gave them the ratio required. Even egg yolks have fat.

I've definitely noticed that to start i had to conciously add extra eg olive oil, bit of cream but i think this was indoctrination of avoiding fat. Now i notice every so often that i want more fat so add butter, olive oil, cream to whatever im eating

I seem to have naturally settled into an approx 35/65 ratio - everyone will find their balance as long as you turn off the "fat is bad" voice :D
Ive been trying to swap and change what Im eating as i still havent lost any weight, infact I have put on and i am getting abit confused as to what I could be doing wrong. I am writing in the threads to help keep me on the right track.
I really need some help and advice.

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