How many in your group have eaten?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Shadow, 15 August 2006 Social URL.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    I'm on week 9 of LighterLife, and from a group of 10 there are still 8 members but some of them don't turn up every week. Out of the remaining members, I am the only one who has not yet eaten any food. I've been finding this week particularly hard, as the others that have eaten food have lost as much as I have, so my chatterbox keeps telling me to eat something.

    I wondered if other groups have managed to remain 100% food free or is it the same across the board?
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  3. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Shadow I promise you that you are doing the diet the easy way so be proud of your abstinance and well done on hitting the 3 stone lost mark!!
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Thanks icemoose, I think the only thing keeping me on track is the fear that if I ate some food I wouldn't be able to stop!....will just keep plodding along for now.
  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    3 stone lost in 9 weeks is more than plodding along m8! You der rocketting along lady!

    And never look at others who eat and lose and want to be them, you are doing it the easy way I promise and setting yourself up for a lifetime of skinnyness.
  6. zareena

    zareena Silver Member

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    Don't eat anything hun!!! You are doing it the way it should be done any slip up and you'll start struggling. Just hang in there, you've done it for so long now, you can do it :) Well done on your fantastic loss btw :D
  7. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

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    You're probably right that if you start you won't stop. To begin with, the odd bite may not slow your loss but will find that a nibble will turn into a mouthful and before you know it it'll be a snack, and your CB will convince you to do it every day 'after all it didn't do any harm last week' but of course you want get away with it for long, you'll be out of ketosis and it's really hard to start again.

    In my group a few did eat and got away with it the first few times but eventually they fell off the wagon and dropped out of the group before the end of phase 1.

    Keep on Abstaining, you're doing great. Don't make things even harder for yourself.
  8. Flopster

    Flopster Got a life thank you!

    Lighter Life
    Don't do it! I have had some nibbles and have only lost two pounds in two weeks (it is TOTM though), stay strong. I am on day 50 and have made a conscious decision now to abstain totally for the next 50 days - I have pledged it to myself and owe it to myself to do that. For me it is the downhill to the end now and I so want to get to a size 14 if I can (or lower if I am really dreaming).
  9. 10stonesize10

    10stonesize10 Member

    well I havent cheated and I think I am the only one in my group.[I know I am]
    15 August 2006 08:00 PM I think Ive done really well on this diet
    my 100 days on LL is up on aug 22 ,
    Im feeling like I should of done better
    am I crazy ?
    today is 3 months to the day......I started.
    last week I had a poor weight loss
    So I am feeling a bit like you.
    but I have come so far in 3 mo. I have lost 58pounds and I just want to lose a few more before the 22
    we just have to stay strong its worth it , we are worth it. XXXXXXX 10
  10. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Thanks for the words of wisdom and support everyone. You are all so right, and I feel so much stronger again. At the end of the day, I'm an adult who has to make her own decisions and just because some of my friends eat, it doesn't mean that I should too. This is yet another lesson learnt about the power of my wicked little chatterbox trying to make me do bad things.

    I am not going to eat until I reach a size 12 :D
  11. nursiedeb

    nursiedeb Member

    Hello there,

    I am in a similar position to you as I am the only person in my class to remain abstinent. I am on week 25 and have lost just under 8 stones. I am in development as I still have a couple of stones to go and I am struggling a wee bit however the abstinence is why I was the heaviest of my group when we started (by five stones) and I am now about the same weight as the others. I have learned so much from my group and thier day to day struggles with food so I suppose thier problems have helped me become stronger. i now have about 8-9 weeks to go before I am at goal and I know I will do it. You have done an amazing job so far but eating will only prolong the process and lets face it we all want to do this for as little time as humanly possible dont we?
  12. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Nursiedeb and Shadow,

    Congratulations for sticking with it and to everyone

    else that has been able for they have saved themselves months in the long term...

    I am a year today and by the looks of things I might get to goal by Christmas or near enough...

    I do at times wonder what if?

    What if, if I did not break the diet where would I be now.

    Love Mini xxx
  13. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Thanks for the support on this everyone.

    You are all so right, and my answer is No, I most definately don't want this to take longer than necessary.

    I am a grown up and need to stop being influenced by others.

    I've chosen this path and I'm going to stick to it right to the end as you have done nursie.

    And I also appreciate you sharing your own experiences Mini and will bear that in mind and try to learn something from it.

    I'm back on track and full of enthusiasm again.

    CAROLYNE42XX Failure is not an Option

    Hi Shadow

    Hi Shadow

    Just joined glad to see your name on here.

    Yeah Week 9 for me as well. Our group is very thin on the ground now, but I think we had initially 13 or 14 and the Counseller said it was a very big group more than normal. A couple of the ladies didn't come back again after Week 2. There has been a lady who has gone on holidays for 4 weeks, a couple who have been ill and there are quite a few on holiday as of last week so Im not sure who's left. It's strange because the people who are left are the ones I joined up with at the introduction meeting which is nice.

    With regard to eating, I haven't touched as much as a crumb since starting Lighterlife on 26/6/06 but a couple of members have had occasions like weddings and weekends away and they had decided to eat but went back onto the Programme straight away.

    Im quite lucky that I haven't needed to eat since joining until the 22nd Sept (which is my brother's posh wedding). I have said along that no matter what I wouldn't eat but I only have one brother and they are going to such alot of trouble and I am well on track with 36lbs lost in 9 weeks so hopefully I will have lost my 3 stone by then. I don't drink so that side of things will be OK.

    I admire you Shadow for keeping to the Plan, I know when I started out on this long and winding journey that it wouldn't be easy but the results are well worth it.


  15. wanna

    wanna Regular Member

    yup, don't do it!
    I was a slippery sloper too. i did do one hundred days though! but it's much more difficult to restart than it is to continue.
  16. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Great to see you over here too Carolyne!

    And Wanna, all I can say is wowee what an amazing loss....well done!
  17. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    This just goes to show the danger of comparing ourselves to others. Out of my group of 12, 3 dropped out and of the remaining 9 I know that only 3 of us have not cheated.

    I now know that I initally had the least to lose of those that are left and those that have stuck to it and embraced the toning and head work have lost a great deal more than the others.

    With 2 weeks to go our loses range from just over 2 stone to 4st 2lbs (me). :)

    Whilst working in a group can be a great motivator it can also bring you down if you judge yourself by everyone elses standards rather than concentrating on your own progress :(
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  19. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Wow chicken, that is fantasting (4st 2lb).

    You have been an inspiration to me right from day one.....Thanks! :D

    It seems like in the past it never took much persuasion to make me eat and now while SS'ing I've learned that I need to stop letting myself be influenced by what other people do and take responsibility for my own actions.

    Like the story of the hare and the tortoise, you should have been the slowest loser because you had less to lose but have kept at it and ended up the best. I will do the same!
  20. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Bless your cotton socks I really appreciate that boost you gave me. :D

    We have been so lucky to find a diet that suit at a time in our lives that suits and I and trying desparately to hang onto that thought. :rolleyes:

    It's been very difficult for me today as I have been cooking up picky bits for my daughter's party tomorrow - she is 4.

    OMG how easy it would be to sneak a veggie sausage roll as the pastry is calling to me but I am darned if I am going to fall off the wagon with only 10 days of the foundation left.

    Having said that I am being naughty by not only having 2 bar today but also cooking them both. It's the only way I could get through this :(

    I know that my problem was not only that I was being drawn towards the pastry but also that I was weaker than normal because I have only have 1 pack so far today and I know I struggle when I don't space my packs properly.
  21. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    Hi Chicken,

    I'm sorry to hear you were having a hard time over the weekend. Did you manage to survive the Party?

    I had a similar challenge but it was a barbeque for my mum's 60th. The whole focus of the day was the food and champagne. My mouth is watering even thinking about it now.

    It was hard, but I got through it somehow and am proud of myself for doing it.

    I looked at other people who were there and overweight eat 3 full platefulls of food and reminded myself why I am doing the LighterLife Programme. The good thing was I was throwing the fizzy water back at lightening speed :D

    The Lighter Life Programme is teaching me to listen to my thoughts and realise that my own thinking isn't always in my best interests. I am learning to distinguish between the good thoughts and the bad ones.
  22. lavender

    lavender Silver Member

    i was in a group of 12 and me and one other were the only ones who did'nt "eat"! i fpound this really hard to deal with as i assumed that meant that I would also fall of the waggon too , but i didnt and i stayed 100% on ss until i went to management . diont worry that just because they have that you will, it didint happen to us 2!!!

    love heidi
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